How To Motivate Yourself For Blogging When You Are Feeling Demotivated

How To Motivate Yourself For Blogging When You Are Feeling Demotivated

If you are interested in earning money online then a very good way for doing this is blogging. Many bloggers have earned a lot by blogging. But you need to keep yourself motivated, only then you can get success in blogging. If after some attempts you do not get those results from blogging that you have expected then don’t lose your confidence. Motivation will help you a lot. Here are a few tips that will help you stay motivated for blogging whenever a feeling of demotivation comes to your mind.  

1.Get inspiration from various people or things – Certain stories, quotes, movies and videos can work as a source of inspiration. So, try to know about such kinds of things and then develop a habit of watching them. Some successful people can also motivate you. Therefore, it will be right for you to make these people your friends.

2.Have a passion for blogging – The idea of quitting blogging will not come to your mind if you take blogging as your passion. Write a blog over the topic of your choice without thinking so much.

3.Set your objectives and then work according to them – Once you set your objectives of writing blogs over a particular topic then you will not think about quitting blogging due to any distraction or difficulties. Your main focus will be fulfilling your objectives.

4.Try to find out the reason for which you want to write blogs – The feeling of demotivation will never come to your mind if you want to write blogs because of some important reason. You will not hesitate to make continuous efforts due to a reason that is strong enough.

5.Interact with a slanderer on various occasions – You can keep yourself motivated by interacting with a slanderer on various occasions. After meeting such kinds of people, you will think about achieving your objectives because these people will continuously tease you for what you have not achieved.

6.Motivate yourself by knowing how other successful bloggers have got success – Bloggers who are successful today have struggled a lot to achieve success. After facing many obstacles and working hard they have achieved success. Their journey towards success can motivate you to work hard and never look back. So, get information about these kinds of bloggers and follow the steps that they have followed.

7.Don’t write blogs in the same environment always – A blogger usually writes blogs by sitting at a particular place for a considerable period of time. But if you will write in the same environment for a long time then you will not feel good (physically as well as mentally). Your mind needs to relax so that it can generate new ideas and this can be possible by changing the environment. Therefore, from time to time you need to go for an environmental change.

It is very important for you to get rid of the stress and you can do that by taking a small break from the work and going in the fresh air outside. You can also hear the music during the break.

8.Participate in the live events – A very good way of getting updates and ideas from the leaders in the industry is connecting with them by participating in the live events.

9.Write a new blog on the basis of the comment on the previous blog – If someone has commented on your post then instead of replying to him so much, write a new post that he may like.

10.Monitor the results of blogging – In order to know your position as a blogger, you need to monitor your results of blogging. On the basis of these results, you will know how much more hard work needs to be done. You can also have a feeling of motivation if the results are positive.

11.Don’t think much about negative people – If some people say that it is not easy to earn money via blogging because this process takes a lot of time then you need not pay attention to these people. Their intention is to demotivate you, therefore ignoring them will be much better for you.

12.Give respect to the comments of the people – Whenever somebody comments on your blog then show him respect by communicating with him properly. It will not be enough to say thanks only.

13.Choose topics that your target audience may like – Your target audience may be interested in certain kinds of topics which you need to know and then write blogs over them. You can get new ideas as a result of this.

14.Take interest in sharing the content of the other bloggers – If you will share the content of other bloggers then they will do the same for you. In this way, your reach will increase.

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