How to Resolve Epson Printer Power Light Flashing Continuously

How to Resolve Epson Printer Power Light Flashing Continuously

Epson is an electronics company based in Japan. It is considered one of the largest printer, imaging equipment, and information equipment manufacturing companies globally. They are mainly famous for printers and sell a wide variety of products in many countries. This article will discuss the printer error where both the “Power” and “Error” lights are blinking continuously.

It is essential to understand each meaning of error lights to facilitate troubleshooting. Every time the printer experiences an error, the alarm light flashes orange. These error lights also support error messages, which are displayed on the screen.

What causes both lights to blink on the Epson Printer?

If you are confused about the Epson Printer in Error State Windows 10, there are few reasons that cause this error.

Jammed Paper: In some instances, some of the paper may be jammed inside the printer due to the printing process being derailed. This prevents the printer from printing correctly and can also activate the continuous flashing of the error and the power light.

Jammed Printhead: In some cases, the printhead may be facing resistance as it moves through the rails.

There is a great possibility that a foreign object or a piece of broken plastic in the printer may be blocking the path of the printhead. The error also occurs if the printer head cannot move along the rails.

Paper extraction sensor: In certain cases, the paper extraction sensor may be separated from the media because the paper is not being pulled into print, and the error is activated.

Encoder Sensor Problem: One or perhaps both encoder sensors may have been partially or fully damaged. In some cases, the sensors may be dirty due to the error being triggered.

Solution 1: Power Cycling Printer

In some cases, the printing process may be derailed due to a technical problem with the printer.

Disconnect the Power Cord

  • Just Press and long hold the Power icon button for at least 30-35 seconds.
  • Now you need to plug it back in and again press the power icon button.
  • Try printing something and see if the problem persists.

Note: All additional solutions will require you to remove the printer cover physically. This can void your warranty or could end up permanently damaging your printer. Be cautious with the steps ahead.

Removing the Printer Cover:

  • Six screws hold the printer case together.
  • Some of the screws may be under the “warranty” labels.
  • Remove all the screws of the printer cartridges slot, remove the ink cartridges, and remove the issue by applying force to the gaskets.

Solution 2: Remove the Jammed Paper

The printing process is derailing, and the error is triggered. Therefore, once you have opened the printer, check and clear any paper jams inside the printer. Check if the problem persists after removing the paper jam.

Solution 3: Checking Resistance

There may be a foreign object or a piece of broken plastic from the printer stuck inside. Therefore, make sure that nothing is preventing the printer from working correctly. If you find any loose objects that are not connected to the printer in any way, remove them from the printer and see if it solves the problem.

Solution 4: Cleaning Encoder Sensors

There are two encoder sensors on the printer. One is the ribbon encoder sensor on the rail along which the printer head moves, and the other is around the encoder sensor on the right side of the printer. Make sure to clean both with a tissue and some water.

Solution 5: Check the Paper Removal Sensor

In some instances, the paper removal sensor may separate from the media. Make sure the paper removal sensor is correctly connected to the holder and can pull the paper. After adjusting the sensor, check if the problem persists.

Manual reset of the Epson Printer

First of all, you can proceed with the manual reset for your printer to be fully functional again. It is a procedure that requires very little time to be carried out. Thanks to this, you will have the opportunity to get it working again without any difficulty and complication of various types.

The first procedure consists in disconnecting the printer from the mains, after having turned it off using the appropriate button: in addition to this procedure, it will also be necessary for you to disconnect it from the computer by unplugging the cable: the printer must remain off for a few minutes before being it turned on again after being connected to the mains again.

Once this procedure has been carried out, if it has an LCD, it is necessary to access the settings item by pressing the Setup button and then looking for the Restore or Restore item. By choosing this option, the printer will automatically start the procedure for removing the various contents and settings that have been recorded in the past.

If the display is not present, it will be necessary to press the ignition key together with the setup key or the one that allows you to choose the function to be used, waiting a few seconds until the lights flash together.

In this way, the reset procedure will be started, and when it finishes, it will be possible to notice the automatic restart of the printer.

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