How to restore android phone from google backup

How to restore android phone from google backup

Storing files and data on your Mobile Phones is now much easier with the Google drive. Although, google drive backup is just one click away, sometimes you need to restore all the data for a new smartphone. There are multiple locations and applications which now allow users to store their mobile phone data. This includes files, documents, photos, videos, projects, music, and a lot of information that could be essential.

Even if you have a separate memory card, you still might never know if your data gets corrupted. With Google Drive, one thing you will be always sure of is that your data is safe, secure and undamageable. Loosing the data that you might need in future or at present can be very frustrating. So, it is important to have a solid location that backs up each and every file automatically or you are able to restore everything.

What is Google Backup?

In case you are not yet familiar with what is Google backup, it is a popular method to get every data or info in your mobile stored easily. It uses Google drive that locks every information on to the online Google server. You can also lock your specific data as per your requirement or as you need on the Google drive.

All you need to do is create a Google account, or if you already have one just connect it to Google drive and turn on the Google backup. This makes the backup process done easily without having too many configurations or setting changes.

Restore Android Phone from Google Backup

Step 1: Turn on the Android Backup Service

Just before you are trying to restore any backup from Google for your android phone, you must always enable backup from settings. To do this, you just need two follow basic steps mentioned below

  1. Go to settings menu in your mobile phone, present on the home screen.
  2. From settings, turn on the option of ‘Backup my data’ from the main menu button of ‘Backup & Reset’.
  • Check if your Google account is connected to the backup and if not, then connect it and click on the Automatic restore option from the options.

Step 2: Restoring Brand-new Android Phone from Google Backup

If you are using new mobile phone and need to get all your backup files and documents back, you just need to connect to the Google account you linked with backup.

  1. As soon as you start your mobile phone, and connect to your Google account, you get list of options of the devices you’ve used before.
  2. Select the needed devices data you have to restore. You can then click on the desired device and get all your data backed up on Google drive.
  • Open the Google drive and get on the ‘My drive’ menu in the side bar. From there, navigate to the settings menu
  1. Click the ‘Manage backup’ option from the settings drop box. Select the desire app that you need to restore.

Step 3: Greatest Way to Backup and Restore Android Phone

There are many software applications that allow you to restore your android data easily. There are number of applications to install that will make it triple time easier to restore any data on android. We have mentioned below some of the best apps that you can use to restore and backup anytime if data is lost.

  • Autosync by MetaCtrl.
  • Buggy Backup Pro.
  • Backup Your Mobile.
  • G Cloud Backup.
  • Google Photos.

Bottom Line

Having any data restored quickly is a bliss, especially when you almost have had the thought that you lost it. Fortunately, now there are number of ways that allow you to automatically backup. You can also select the data or info specifically depending on what you want to. We hope we’ve made it helpful enough for you to see how you can restore android phones from Google backup. For more such informational articles, you can check out our blogs and give us your feedback.


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