How To Spend 72 Hours In Kochi

Kochi is a city very much defined by its serenading backwaters and blue breeze. But while the as-seen-in magazine images of Fort Kochi’s big brown walls and golden, picturesque Cherai beach are most certainly true, the coastal Kerala state city offers much more than just its vibe.

Steeped in history, this place dates back to 1102 A.D when the Kulashekhara empire was demolished and the city of Kochi (formerly known as Cochin) was formed. Proudly flaunting the charm of being the safest harbour in India, it also owns the title of the first princely state to join the Indian Union. And even though Kochin is known as an important commercial centre of Kerala, the destination is making waves for its beautiful landscapes and tourism experiences. This destination is also considered one of the best honeymoon places in India.

Start your day off with breakfast at Teapot Cafe. Located in the vibrant streets of Peter celli, the wood-scented coupe perfectly exemplifies the local southern lifestyle. The place serves a mix of many tea flavours, you can choose from classic milk tea to exotic variants such as the Nilgiri leaf tea – to pair up with some homemade cakes.

To enjoy a swift stroll in the early hours, make your way to Mattancherry, a tourist spot painted with Portuguese influences. It is the home of ‘Jew Town’ another tourist attraction that settles amidst the hustle-bustle of down south. Make your way to the Mattancherry Palace Museum for a magnificent showcase of weapons. Just a few feet away is the Mattancherry Pazhayannur Royal temple alongside Palliarakkavvu temple, the holy ritualistic surroundings of which will make you feel as though you have been transcending into a captivating enchant.

As the sun begins to hide on the horizon, stroll down Bolghatty Island to watch the colourful play of sunset. Autumn or spring, the sunset is best in this city, people making their way home with corn salad in their hands, as the day comes to an end.

Following the spectacle, tour the Lulu Shopping Mall in Edappally, get some shopping done and don’t forget to pick up something traditional of God’s own country, a handcrafted tile or coconut skin crafts. Before the afternoon heat kicks in, have a tasteful supper of classically fried prawns at the Fort House Restaurant and head out for Cherai Beach on Vypeen Island. Once settled head for the Pallipuram fort. Constructed in 1503, the fort is one of the oldest surviving bodies of architecture that was built during the time of European settlers. As the sun starts settling down, make your way to the beach which is also known as the Princess of Arabian Sea. Have a platter of local seafood from the streets for the typical southern experience and head off for slumber with salt in your flip-flops.

Rise and shine at the hotel Baywatch beach homes and head down the stairs to Kodanand Elephant Training Centre. This rural village located alongside the Periyar river is an Ecotourism hotspot project initiated by the Government of India. Watching the giant animals in their natural habitat is one experience that is a must on your tour to Kochi. Mosey down the streets towards Hill Palace Museum, spend the last few moments exploring the complex and touch down on the ornaments of the Cochin Royal Family. It is open to the public on all days except Monday and state holidays. It’s also all the history of Kochi in a blink of an eye.

Have some Biryani with Pineapple fry on one of the steaming carts roadside and as the wind dies down, head for a brisk downtown walk, a final toast to the days you spend in the idyllic scenes of Kochi. If you are looking for honeymoon packages in India, Kochi is an underrated and unforgettable spot you must explore.

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