How To Trap Opossum

So you have an opossum in your backyard. Maybe it’s the possum that caused damage to your garden, or maybe it’s just a possum you see at night rummaging through your garbage cans. Either way, you’re not too pleased about its visit and want to know exactly how to get rid of possums. Possum Removal Canberra

The possum is an opportunistic feeder, so it will be attracted to many different foods. Fruit and vegetables are possums’ favorite food, but possums also eat small insects and grubs in the yard. This diet makes possums a natural part of your garden – oftentimes you won’t even know they’re eating all those ants and earwigs.

If possums are throwing off the balance of your garden, you don’t have to worry too much about possum damage. More times than not possums will be a welcome sight in your yard because they’re keeping those pesky bugs away! However, there are methods that can get rid of possums if possums are being possum-ish.

1) What do possums eat?

Opossums are natural omnivores that feed on both plants and animals. Possums will eat pretty much any food they can find. Some of the foods possums eat include berries, nuts, grains, leaves, roots, insects, grubs, worms, small rodents like mice or birds’ eggs. Possums also enjoy eating carrion which is why you see possums in your backyard after a really destructive storm.

2) Are possum dangerous to have around my house?

Unless possum’s living under your home – there’s nothing to worry about! A possum in the backyard is actually beneficial to humans because possums help keep food sources controlled and our yards free of bugs.

3) How can possums harm my garden?

Opossums are highly opportunistic feeders that will eat anything they can find, including your prized vegetables and fruit. This is why possum removal should be a priority if possums are in your yard. Opossums normally don’t cause any permanent damage to plants (unless possum numbers get out of control), but possums may trample on new seedlings or rip up recently planted saplings when looking for insects and grubs to eat. In addition, possums sometimes leave droppings near the base of trees – not something you want to have around plants!

4) What do possums look like?

Opossums are possum-ish and possum-y, possuming possums! Possums posses a grayish or tan pelt (with white spots) that possuses down its back. Furthermore possums posses a long, bushy tail with five digits on each hand foot, making it easy for possums to grasp branches and climb trees.

5) What do I do if I’ve got a possum problem?

You have to decide what you want done with the opossum before you can actually start removing the opossum . If you want the opossum removed then follow this guide: How to Trap Opossums . Just make sure not to leave the opossum in an area where her young will be left behind! If possum is causing damage, consider building possum-proof fencing around your garden to keep possums out.

6) How long does it take for possums to get rid of possums?

A possum can be removed from the yard in one night if possums are live trapping . However, most people prefer opossum removal over time so they don’t have to deal with possums again in future! Once you stop feeding and entertaining the possum , it will gradually leave on its own. Removing tubs of pet food and tightening down garbage lids helps discourage possums as well.

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