How To Use EMS to Lose Weight

Are you tired of experimenting with fad diets, intermittent fasting, or doing too many workout sessions? Missing meals and overstressing your body to lose weight is counterproductive. Try a safer and better method.

Electrostimulation or EMS training for weight loss has a proven track record of helping people lose weight, treat injuries, strengthen muscles, and aid body tone. EMS is perfect for helping you embrace the fittest version of yourself.

How EMS Helps Lose Weight Quickly? 

EMS for weight loss is a sure-shot method that doesn’t consume much time but helps you achieve large-scale goals. It has gained immense popularity over the last few years due to its efficiency.

Cardio/weight training and a balanced diet go hand in hand. Supplementing EMS with a balanced diet and adequate exercise complements all the muscular work and helps you achieve your weight loss target.

Besides weight loss, it tones your muscles and helps build muscle mass. What’s more? It trains all your muscles simultaneously, builds resistance, and eliminates excess fluids, weight, and localised fat deposits.

EMS involves the use of impulses generated from electronic devices. The electrodes on the muscles to be stimulated transmit the impulses, mimicking the action potential from the central nervous system and leading to muscle contraction. Repeated contractions fuel up more calories and help lose weight.

Using electrical devices fosters the combination of dieting and regular exercise for the necessary weight in lesser time.

EMS ensures muscles are toned while the excess fat is lost. You might see a small difference in weight as fat weighs much less than muscle mass. However, fat takes up more space than muscles. This way, you will notice a more shapely and defined form quickly.

Advantages of EMS

Some of the key benefits of EMS have been listed below:

● It allows you to do more muscular work.

● It helps focus on exercising the muscles you usually do not target.

● Applying the impulses to contract the fibres and competing it with voluntary contraction helps use the energy reserves that add to the body weight.

● It enables you to put to work a group of muscles rather than an individual muscle. This property helps exert greater power during training.

● You start experiencing physical improvement, a power boost, and harder working muscles.

● Instead of increasing aerobic capacity, it increases explosive strength through twenty-minute intense work sessions.

● The EMS sportswear electrodes stimulate the pectorals, biceps, abdominals, glutes, trapezius, and quadriceps.

● The ability of EMS to act on muscles and fat cells allows them to oxygenate areas and enhance the drainage capacity of body fat and fluids, helping eliminate cellulite from your body. Cellulite not only alters physical appearance but can also affect our circulation.

Shed the Excess With EMS Training for Weight Loss

Employ this passive exercise to work when you want to lose weight while toning muscles that go missing in a normal exercise routine.

Remember that EMS for weight loss is a high-intensity workout. Performing this exercise under the supervision of a professional is a must. Get the best trainer in town with Nexfit and begin your journey of structured weight loss today.

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