How to Wear Leggings with Big/Heavy Thighs

Women of all sizes are amazing. So, if you are a bit on the heavy side, there is no reason to feel bad. Leggings have become one of the most comfortable bottom wear and are now considered even cooler and more fashionable than ever. But when your thighs are heavy, you might feel apprehensive about wearing leggings because leggings seem tight, skinny, and show curves more predominantly.

We understand your hesitation but you don’t have to give up the idea of wearing leggings at all. It’s because now you can easily buy women’s plus-size leggings for sale online from reputable brands like Retailanthropy that offer high-quality leggings in all sizes, colors, designs, and patterns.

But before you do shopping for plus-size leggings, there are a few things to keep in mind to stay not only comfortable but also to look amazing.

Prefer to Choose Solid Colors

Dark hues have a slimming effect, and therefore, dark-hued or solid-colored leggings might work wonders for you. Bold and light colors tend to accentuate your thighs more. So, you might want to stick with darker and solid color leggings.

Some might say that intricate patterns can also highlight your thicker thighs. But we say if you love a collection of women’s plus-size leggings in a lighter shade or with busier patterns, experimenting with your choices will bring you to smart decisions during future shopping.

Beware of Poor-Quality Leggings

Leggings you see online might be deceptive because you cannot feel the fabric and determine its quality. When it comes to buying plus-size leggings that best compliment your curves and thighs, the quality of the material is very important.

Poor-quality leggings are made of cheaper materials. Hence, when they are worn, they impart a transparent appearance especially when the material is stretched by your legs. With such sheer leggings, you can see the imprint of your thighs.

Thus, prefer buying a high-quality legging made from a fabric that is a combination of polyester and spandex. Also, make sure that the legging features with four-way stretch fabric. They will better hold you in and smooth out any lumps and bumps.

Buy Leggings with Higher Waistband

No matter if you like to wear short tops or long tops, you will feel more comfortable in a legging with a higher waistband. It will provide you with sufficient coverage while bending down.

However, if you want a look that gives you a lot of confidence, you should wear leggings with a higher waistband with tops, sweaters, and jackets that cover your backside properly.

Choose Leggings with Ankle Length

Women with curvy figures should opt for leggings that fall right above the ankle. When you wear cropped leggings that fall at the calves, it makes you look shorter. And what makes you look shorter also makes you look wider.

Here, we are not trying to set any formula about what a woman should do or should not do depending on her body size. We believe in the fact that every woman is beautiful in her own unique way. But these tips will help you feel comfortable and more confident when your thighs are on the heavier side and you are wearing a pair of leggings.

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