Interesting Facts About Australian Permanent Residency

Most Students opt for Australia for higher education not only for studies but to settle down in Australia. After completion of the degree, they opt for the job and after spending five years in Australia serving the nation they become eligible for Permanent Resident. With this Australian PR, you can visit and leave Australia whenever you want.

What Actually Does Australian Permanent Resident Mean?

All Non-Australian citizens have certain restrictions related to working rights, student loans, Medical aid or other citizenship benefits. Being a permanent resident makes you eligible to opt for these benefits. Getting a PR doesn’t mean you got the rights exactly similar to Australian citizens, still, something will be left behind.

How to Become a Permanent Resident?

Many International students after completing their degree opt for permanent residency. For this, they need to showcase the expression of interest to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s skill-select migration program. 

Under the skill program, you need to provide personal details, occupation, work experience, English Proficiency level etc.

How to increase the chance of gaining PR (Permanent Residency)

Gaining PR is a tough task, don’t just sit idle and wait for the PR Process startup. Start preparing to enhance the chances of gaining PR (Permanent Residency). After completing your degree it’s time to gain work experience and works on improving your English language skills. This can be done through a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485). 

Point Test

After receiving your EOI (Expression of Interest), Immigration authorities check your suitability on the basis of point tests. Applicants need to score at least 60 Points to be eligible to apply for a visa.

Points can be allotted on the basis of the following factors –

English language proficiency –

The English language is the window through which you can see the whole world. The same rule applies to living in Australia. English is the most used language in the world. Immigration authorities test your English proficiency to check whether you are able to communicate easily with others. 

Skilled Employment –

If nobody is sponsoring you for the visa then the only option left for you is to go for a skilled employment visa. This visa helps to gain Australian PR as well. So, it is recommended to polish your skill set to get the Australian PR approved.

Partner’s skills –

If you are living in Australia under a partner visa. Then you need to present your partner’s skill set in front of immigration authorities to get an Australian PR Application Process.

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