Is Sleepycat Mattress the most trending thing now?

Is Sleepycat Mattress the most trending thing now?

SleepyCat mattress is engineered with precision for all-night comfort. It all starts with the premium gel memory foam layer that adjusts to your body and relieves pressure while assisting with posture alignment.

This is followed by a soft, breathable HD foam transition layer that stretches the comfort from the top and allows the mattress to adapt to different body types.

In the base layer of the Sleepycat mattress, you will find high-density foam that provides structure, strength, and durability. These memory foam mattresses offer a sink-in feel that eliminates motion transfer for undisturbed sleep. You can also easily wash the removable zipper cover by unzipping it from the base.

With so many features in place, Sleepycat is indeed a trending thing.

Sleepycat Mattress: the most trendy mattress right now

If you’ve recently purchased a double bed mattress, you’re probably familiar with the difficulties. From lying on a mattress for five minutes in a store to determining its firmness or softness, you could lose a lot of sleep attempting to find the right double bed mattress

SleepyCat mattresses utilize a technology that enables them to be easily rolled up into a box that is one-third the size of the mattress. The SleepyCat mattress is compressed, rolled, and delivered directly to your door in an easy-to-handle box, providing a convenient alternative to the overwhelming mattress shopping experience.

The concept originated in America and is now causing havoc in the traditional mattress industry worldwide. “India’s mattress market is estimated to be worth between Rs. 12 and Rs. 15,000 crores. While the online market is expanding rapidly, it still accounts for only about 5-7 percent of the entire industry.

With rising demand for higher-quality products and increased online shopping, there is a massive opportunity for us,” says Siddiq, SleepyCat’s 29-year-old founder, and CEO. The company hopes to simplify the process of mattress shopping in India by emphasizing key factors such as comfort, support, temperature regulation, and durability at an affordable price with no hassles.

SleepyCat mattress was launched on Amazon Launchpad during their beta phase and sold over 30 mattresses in just one week. 

“We were intrigued by the SleepyCat concept. SleepyCat is an innovative new product that we are constantly looking for to showcase to Amazon Launchpad customers. It provides an innovative solution for today’s shoppers searching for the ideal mattress.

Historically, purchasing a mattress has been a time-consuming process. However, SleepyCat delivered the ideal mattress for our customers in a convenient box at a very competitive price,” says Aman Deep Lohan, Head, and Amazon Launchpad India.

The popularity of Sleepycat Mattress

According to the CEO of Sleepycat Mattress, “In six months, we’ve sold over 2000 mattresses. We frequently ran out of stock and could have sold more. However, we wanted to incorporate all feedback before expanding capacity or marketing to increase sales. We are attempting to meet a high level of demand from across the country”.

SleepyCat’s story began when Siddiq was awarded the distributorship for traditional mattresses in Eastern India. He recognized that customers were frequently perplexed by the variety and ended up purchasing the mattress they despised.

“When I entered the traditional and unchanged mattress industry, I quickly realized there was a significant market gap between manufacturing a mattress and ultimately delivering it to a consumer.

This lengthy chain, which included distribution, logistics, warehousing, and retail, artificially inflated the price of a mattress. Additionally, the quality and structure of a mattress sold at that price were far from comparable or justified. “We wanted to streamline this,” he explains.

According to Siddiq, mattress-in-a-box is a growing trend because it saves space and logistics and is the future of the mattress market. “We are delighted to be the first to launch and to be India’s first mattress-in-a-box company.

Everything is now available online, and we’ve extended this to mattresses as well. Without risk,” he continues. The SleepyCat mattress, available in all standard sizes, features a 1-inch layer of gel memory foam for support and a 5-inch layer of durable high-density base foam for a bounce.

Additionally, it features a zippered outer cover that makes cleaning a breeze. Siddiq states, “Sixty-four percent of the population is under the age of 34.” The growing middle class and younger generations are the ones who recognize the importance of adequate sleep.

As a result, there is a sizable target market. Cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai, for example, have a sizable population that moves in and out regularly. As a result, it is a hot market. And the demographics of these individuals make it an ideal location for SleepyCat.

Sleepycat mattress offered a reasonable discount, clear information about the product with multiple size options, a simplified checkout process, faster delivery, and a hand-written note from the founder himself offering a 30-day free trial. The mattress is found to be extremely comfortable; the body can relax with a sinking sensation, relieving pains and preventing body aches and soreness.

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