Is There a Statute of Limitations on Criminal Charges Law?

Is There a Statute of Limitations on Criminal Charges Law?

In 2019, Covid-19 had to make lives challenging to survive with all the health risks. So, the government is not the only one to give orders. All over Canada, courts are issuing orders to the temporary closing of legal houses. Some of the rules include extending criminal court deadlines and criminal charges law. As orders change worldwide, let’s find is there a statute of limitations on criminal charges law?

Statute of Limitations

The duration/period passing from crime day till court proceedings commencements are known as the limitation period. The Statute of limitations acts like a statutory barrier or hindrance that stops an individual from claiming in the limitation period. However, the time can vary from one courthouse to another.

Statute of Limitations in Canada: Time limit

Based on the criminal type, the Statute of limitations in Canada can vary from one courthouse to another. The time can change based on the severity of the act. If the state sets the Statute of limitation, it cannot change for the changing of state rules. For example, X molests Y, and Y did not complain for years. At one point, if Y wants to complain, it would not be valid anymore.

Are you looking for some examples of the time limits of charges? Some time limits based on law:

  • No time limit: Murder
  • Six months: Petty offenses
  • Two years: misdemeanor
  • Six years: serious felony

Statutes of Limitations: Example

“X” always wanted the Italian lamps, which he steals from his neighbor and the neighborhood reports it to the police. However, the police mistakenly missed the report and did not start the investigation. Later, when police arrested X for initiating a criminal procedure, the Statute of limitations crossed. As a result, X is not expecting any punishment for theft. If the prosecution begins, X has the right to dismiss the case.

Time of Barred Debt

Consumer debts also have statutes of limitations because everyone collects debt in a certain amount of time. However, the time depends on the legal laws and the debt type. The law changed to creditors cannot sue people to collect debts, but this does not mean that debtor is free of charge. Any payment will restart the limitation period of the Statute again.

The Right Time to Complain

If the crime expires the due time, it is confusing for prosecutors and defense counsel about the Statute of limitations. Also, the clock only ticks while the suspect stays open to the crime and has a specific living place. The example of X has assumptions that he left the country after committing the crime.

Changing Laws

Laws are constantly evolving. Recently, there are states which changed the law of sex offenses where a victim can file a case within a year. However, they need to have DNA evidence. A victim needs to be eighteen to begin the Statute of limitation for crimes and related cases against minors. Moreover, the limitation period depends on the country where the crime occurs.

The Statute of limitations: Time Expiration

Court proceedings are necessary when a prosecutor accuses a “stale case.” It is the responsibility of a defendant to decide whether a statute is expiring to challenge the judgment. “Affirmative defense” is when the limitation period has passed when victims are filing a case, and defendants must file a dismissal for violation of the limitation period.

Speedy Trial Rights

Distinguishing the sixth amendment Speedy Trial rights, the Statute of limitations provides a limitations period, and criminal proceedings will go on trial. For example, a person can file a case with the Statute of limitations. If the prosecutor fails to proceed with the case and the judge determines violating the speedy trial rights, they can dismiss it.

Selecting States

Typical Statutes of Limitations: All the states have laws on limitations that apply to various offenses. It is better to search Canadian legal sites to get more information. Often, none addresses when the Statute of limitations begins to run, but people consider suspension when it ends. Raising such issues, lawyers and judges decide based on cases.


We are at the end of our discussion to answer the query of statutes of limitations law. We have tried to cover everything you need to know about the topic. In Canada, statutes of limitations are really crucial for criminal charges and law. So, you must know, is there a statute of limitations on criminal charges law? Hopefully, you got the answer. If you anything more the share on the topic, please comment below. We will reach out to you asap.

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