Joggers- The Rising Craze of Activewear Fashion

As a fashion geek, you must have noticed the growing trend of joggers among men. Didn’t you? These are exclusively manufactured activewear that will not only help you in achieving a cool look but also young. Are you wondering about the fittings and proper way of wearing casual joggers for men? If yes, then this blog is for you…..

What does the Meaning of Joggers Imply?

casual Joggers for men

Originally intended to be put on for exercise, men’s jogger pants have successfully caught the attention of others as well. From athletes to young men, everyone is hungry to fetch a piece from the market. Joggers are among the most popular traditional sportswear that is comfortable and light in weight.

Their athletic appearance gets enhanced by the wide appearance at the top and tapering down towards the leg. In maximum joggers, either a drawstring waist or an elastic waist gets featured. The ankles are kept close to the body with the help of elastic. Originally, joggers began in the form of sweatpants. Today, they are available in various materials, styles, and fittings in a sophisticated manner.

What are the Different Types of Joggers Available in the Market?

Are you among them who presume that there is a single type of jogger that exists in the market? If yes, then the time has come to change your thoughts. The recent mushrooming popularity of joggers has inspired fashion designers to experiment and come up with some decent stylish joggers.

The variation of the same in terms of styles and shapes has made it easy to select one as per the occasion. Though there is a wide range of options available, below are four different types of joggers that will help in easy selection:

  • Joggers for sports

    – In maximum cases, whenever you think about joggers; the sporty grey joggers come to mind. Isn’t it? The ones manufactured for athletic purposes are different in terms of appearance and fittings than the casual joggers.


Sports joggers are manufactured using a thin silhouette. They flatter the figures of the wearers, thus letting them move smoothly. Top brands are manufacturing joggers with breathable, moisture-wicking, and odorless fabrics to ensure a high level of comfort.

Joggers for men

  • Joggers for daily wear

    – As crystal clear from the name, men’s jogger pants for daily use are manufactured exclusively to be worn daily. Putting them on will let you live your daily life in style and comfort. These are ideal for carrying out various activities that include running errands, traveling comfortably, going for a casual outing, and many more.


This activewear is versatile pants that are suitable for longing to go for a dentist appointment. The comfort associated with them makes these joggers among highly versatile types of clothing in the market.


  • Lounge joggers

    – Are you planning to hang out with your friends on Sunday amid the hot summer, then lounge joggers will be the right choice. They have been recognized to be among the best joggers for men as they ensure providing a relaxing fitting. Typically, they are available in loose cut and manufactured using materials that focus on comfort.


You will be having plenty of rooms to move around followed by relaxation. Maximum comfort is ensured with these lounge joggers. These pairs will save you from the discomfort that arises due to the scorching sun rays during the summer season.


  • Smart joggers

    – Does putting on real pant pairs every time make you feel bored? If yes, then it is high time to opt for smart joggers. They are highly stylish materials that will help you to flaunt the style statement most smartly. Smart joggers for men have more tailoring and tapering around the leg portion.


It will help you to flaunt a highly flattering silhouette. The joggers are meant for a disheveled look for which they have gained a wide reputation in the market. Smart joggers permit having a great look and can be worn for dinner, parties, and casual meetings. If you can style them properly, you will enjoy a stylish appearance.

These are some exclusive varieties of joggers that are available readily for men. With a wide range of options available, you can easily make a generous selection through online as well as offline stores.

What Are Some Smart Tips for Styling Joggers?

Simply buying men’s jogger pants will not do until and unless you can create a style statement with the same. Below are some smart tips that will help you to flaunt your hidden style with the help of joggers:

  1. The pairing of a sweatshirt

    – It will reflect a casual and comfortable appearance. Wearing boots and stylish sneakers will provide a street-ready look.

  2. Putting on a casual t-shirt

    – Pairing casual t-shirts with joggers for men will provide you with an immaculate weekend look. It will also add comfort. Wearing a denim jacket will give a top-notch touch to your style statement.

  3. Pairing a polo shirt – Pairing a polo shirt with joggers will not only give a country club look but also make feel comfortable. Wearing a heavier fabric will be a great decision.

Hence, it is possible to flaunt your style statement with the best joggers for men provided you are aware of some decent style trends. When are you going to have one for you?


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