Keyword Research: Its A Critical Step, Any Way You Slice

Keyword research is the cornerstone of any website that succeeds. Wow, that is a powerful statement.

It is true. You can make a big difference in your ability to market to your target audiences if you do keyword research before you get a single website up.

No pressure.

You might be asking yourself why keyword research is so crucial.

Let’s imagine that you and I are standing behind a curtain. You are the most revered speaker within your particular field. I open the curtains and invite you to rise to the podium to address a crowd of approximately 200.

No problem. It’s easy. Simply grab some notes from your wallet, place your hands on your microphone and start speaking for 35 minutes.

When you’re done, the crowd cheers. You don’t understand. It was probably one of your best presentations! You were engaging, but not too sales-y. You identified the problems and presented possible solutions. Then you revealed the product that would best fit the bill.

Now, what?

The audience was not waiting for you; they were waiting on someone else who would talk about a completely different topic. They don’t even know what your topic is.

This was not your target audience. This wasn’t your target audience.

Everything was prepared. You knew exactly what to do. But. you were not the right people. SEO Company in Lucknow

What does this mean for keyword research?

Visitors to your website are directly proportional to the keywords you use. You might tell search engines that your website is famous for niche widget solutions, or using other keywords like your name, your business name. This is not what your market wants.

To do keyword research, you must identify the keywords people search for when they are looking for solutions. They are looking for the correct posture or golf swing and not Xtreme Putter. They don’t even know that your XtremePutter exists.

Without effective keyword research, they will never work.

What is the best way to do keyword research?

Think from their perspective, what it would be like to be in their shoes. What would you search for if your product solved a problem?

How to train my dog

Popular spots for 30somethings in L.A.

Seattle modern art

Ping golf clubs

These are the items prospective buyers are searching. All you have to do is use the right keywords as bait before they go surfing.

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