Know about the secret behind the color of pink donut boxes!

Donut is one of the most loved bakery items all across the world. Not just kids, but people from every age group have donuts on their favorite list. Donuts are the heart of every gathering or occasion. The increased demand for donuts led to a lot of bakeries adding donuts to their menus.

There is one thing common about the donuts of perhaps every company; the classic pink donut boxes. Almost every donut shop uses those pink boxes as the packaging of their donuts. Ever wondered why?

Historical significance to the pink donut boxes

A Cambodian refugee Ted Ngoy migrated to the United States of America in 1970. In order to survive and earn his bread and butter, Ngoy opened a donut shop. He started to sell donuts and for that, he would pack them in pink cotton-candy colored boxes. Eventually, his business spread across the State’s and he started to earn a handsome amount of earnings.

Ngoy decided to help out other entrepreneurs that were in need of support once he managed to make a better lifestyle for him. He helped a number of people make a living for them by selling donuts in Ngoy’s pink donut boxes.

One of the classics of today’s world is the pink donut boxes too!

A little secret behind using pink donut boxes!

The new entrepreneurs would want to save money and not spend a lot on their packaging. The pink donut boxes were relatively convenient, accessible, and cheaper than the classic white donut boxes. For this purpose, these young entrepreneurs would buy go for the donut boxes wholesale.

Since it’s a continued legacy of Ngoy, people feel that the classics should not be changed, but must be enhanced!

Enhance your pink donut boxes!

Manufacturers would not want to hurt the sentimental values attached to the pink donut boxes by changing them. But they can definitely enhance them with some add-on elements. These elements will make these pink boxes more attractive by maintaining their simplicity.

• Foiling:

Every brand has its logo imprinted on these boxes. To intensify the outlook of their logo, foiling can be utilized. You can outline your logo with foiling or completely imprint it through foiling as well!

• Embossing and Debossing:

These are magical print impressions. A pattern personalized for your pink donut boxes can be enhanced with these impressions. Moreover, you can use them for your logo as well. Embossing means uplifting or imprinting. This effect lifts up any pattern you have on your packaging, giving it a 3 Dimensional effect. However, the embossing process imprints the impression inside of the packaging giving it a wider, intense look!

• Coating:

This is done for some final touches to your packaging. A matte coating gives your packaging a denser and tough appearance. A glossy coating gives a shinier look whereas an aqueous coating gives a high gloss and matte look to your packaging!

• Die-cut window:

A die-cut is a shape cut on your packaging that acts as a window. This window helps the customers to have a better look at the donuts before purchasing. A high-quality PVC sheet covers this window, as a shield.

With these little add-on features, you can enhance the overall outlook of your packaging. It is paramount to maintain the classic elements. But you can also add on to the legacy as well. This helps you maintain a better position and value of your brand in the market!

Donut boxes at wholesale rates!

The reason behind people purchasing pink donut boxes is their accessibility to the new brands in the market. Ordinary pink donut boxes are much cheaper at wholesale rates as compared to other donut boxes. Donut boxes wholesale is their only solution.

However, these pink donut boxes can be customized at wholesale too and won’t be costly as well! It is important for the new brands in the market to ensure their worth in order to survive. Customization of donut boxes wholesale eases this task for them and helps them flourish in the industry!

Eco-friendly boxes:

Environmental toxicity has been increasing tremendously. 8 million plastic wastes are dumped into oceans annually. Humans aren’t the only species living on Earth. Henceforth, environmental toxicity causes harm to animals and sea life as well. Moreover, air pollution has increased a lot. The oxygen level has decreased. Even inhaling normally can cause problems to the health of an individual.

People nowadays are more cautious about the purchases they make. Everyone makes sure that their purchased product was packaged in eco-friendly packaging which can be reused and recycled. Therefore, using an eco-friendly stock for your pink donut boxes is paramount. You contribute to environmental safety and this consideration of yours can bring you appreciation from your customers as well!

We now know the historical significance and the reasons why pink donut boxes are still being used. And we must continue this legacy. But ensuring that your brand is profiting the way you want is paramount. Following this quick guide would help you set your brand value in the market and boost sales as well!

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