Latest Landscaping Trends To Discuss with Landscaping Companies In UAE

Best Aesthetic & Functional Designs In The List of Landscaping Contractors 

If you are planning to landscape your outdoors, why not make the best out of it. These are the latest trends you should discuss with the best landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi. Every landscaper today is embracing these designs and elements. Garden and pool designing today not only involves technology but also the creativity of outdoor space designers. Though much depends upon your personal choices, it is not possible to overlook trends altogether. 

The past two years taught us that our home is the best place on earth. Why not have an outdoor that allows us to enjoy the best moments in the lap of nature. And you can have whale of a time without leaving your home. Designs and trends are crucial in interiors as well as outdoor spaces. Landscaping is in vogue and hence this is going to help you a lot. You can map out in your mind how your outdoor would look once ready. Or what exactly you expect from your landscaper. 

Top Trends In Landscaping | Garden Design & Poolside

Whether you are building from scratch or revamping, trends are important. Landscaping contractors in Abu Dhabi are always keeping in mind what is trending. But if you are already aware of these trends, you can discuss them with your contractors with greater confidence. 


  1. Adding Stepping Stones

The trend of adding stepping stones in backyard pool designs and gardens is buzzing. They can also be added to your front yard design. This allows us to walk with great ease as they provide a strong foothold. Stepping stones are mostly installed in the lawn with plants around the lawn. Framed walkways are also in vogue now. Stone features are an integral part of the outdoors in UAE. You will find them in the waterscapes too. 

2. Patio 

Patios are in vogue for a long and still trending. Landscape service providers today are reinventing patios in multiple options. This also makes your outdoors more functional. Enjoy relaxing moments with your family, friends, and guests. Escape the stress of hectic lives with enthralling patios. Use it for dining, recreation, and quality moments. The patios are mostly surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers to create a cheery look.  You can extend the beauty of your patios by adding stylish furniture and illumination. 

3. Lawns

Classic lawns are still not out of fashion when it comes to designing exteriors. The Abu Dhabi landscaping contractors today are making lawns more elegant. They elevate the lawn partially or surround it with a path to walk and jog. Lawns are made lush with extra potted shrubs. Creative professionals add innovations to lawns given the space and scope. 

4. Vibrant Outdoors

Simplicity has its own charm. But designers today do not mind being liberal. The lush green spaces are elated by adding vibrant flowers. Bold and bright colored flowers popped out around you simply look out of the world. Designers today are choosing bold shades like lemon yellow and coral. Vibrant furniture, decor pieces, tables, flower pots like deep red, blue, matte gold, are also added to create gorgeous outdoors. 

5. Outdoor Illumination

The trend of beautiful illumination is not over. Get enticing lighting fixtures to highlight the beauty of your outdoor even when it gets dark. A perfect option for those who intend to plan garden design with pool for parties in their cozy outdoors. There are numerous lighting options available today. Your landscapers will show you multiple options in all shapes, sizes, styles, and colours.  

6. Outdoor Fire Features

As the atmosphere gets pleasant, we spend more time in our outdoors. Add warmth to your backyard design by adding fire elements. You may go for fire pits, fire bowls, fire pots, or fire columns. You can prolong your outdoor moments even when the sun is down. 

Many backyard designers also incorporate water and fire in a single element. This will combine fire and water to create an ethereal look. There are ponds with water features and many other elements.

7. Add Some Sculpturing

This is an ancient art but enters the realm of outdoor designing now. Lavish homes today have sculptures installed in their backyards or gardens. They are mostly combined with cheerful water features like water walls, waterfalls, and springs. A sculpture makes exteriors look artistic and ultra-modern.

8. Geometry Is In

Geometry is part of our homes from the time we started building them. There is no reason to avoid it while designing landscapes. Whether you are building a swimming pool or a garden, the shape is considered. Even a small pathway created in a definite shape looks organized. When landscapes are designed in squares, circles, or triangles, they look superb and also define areas in the space. 

9. Pergolas

Pergolas provide shade and cover us when it rains. There are simple minimalistic pergolas. But any good landscape construction company can make it as stylish as possible. You can extend your barren outdoor into a highly functional space. The use of installing pergolas is catching up more and more in UAE. You can make them more beautiful and functional by adding lights, plants, sliding doors, speakers, and other accessories. Waive off the boredom of being indoors by spending a good time with your family and friends in shaded pergolas. 

10. Sleek Soft Spaces

The modern landscapes include soft spaces that look sleek and organized. The lush green space is also flaunting neatness. Designers today know the trend of clean lines, manicured greenery. Modern pool landscaping & gardens call for properly placed elements.

Apart from the above elements and trends, there are outdoor barbeque counters. Water features are yet another important trend that is prevalent. Landscape swimming pool designs, ponds, lakes, and other waterscapes are common in the outer spaces of UAE homes. 

Now you are aware of the hottest trends in landscaping. With all these ideas in your mind, you can talk to the companies. Ask for suggestions and get the best creativity possible for you. Modern landscaping is about sleek elements, lush green surroundings, illumination, stoned paths, geometry, and well-defined places. Make sure you hire only reputed and experienced landscapers. They should have expertise in modern hardscaping and softscaping. The ultimate aim should be to create splendid as well as functional outdoors. 

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