Latest Method to Fix Canon Printer Error Codes

Latest Method to Fix Canon Printer Error Codes

Modern computer systems and peripheral hardware come with self-diagnostic tools. If there is an issue with one of the components (in our instance it’s the printer) users will get an error message with a particular code. This article is not able to provide all the error codes that a user may encounter.

Instead, we will focus on the most frequently occurring errors and how to correct the most common errors, and how to fix them. Mainly these errors can be solved by reset Canon printer. Many other problems (which aren’t mentioned within this post) are a sign of a malfunctioning board. You should check the official website of the manufacturer or contact the service centre if you require additional details.

Canon printer problems and solutions to fix these printer issues and the solutions to fix

The table below shows two error codes the first code appears on the mini-display on the printer’s screen while the second code is displayed on the monitor’s screen. If the solution provided isn’t working it is recommended to call the centre for service. Don’t attempt to fix your printer on your own when you experience a major malfunction if you’re not knowledgeable enough and do not have the skills required. Calling the service centre may be a good idea in this instance.

Canon printer diaper reset

If you encounter error codes 5200, 5B00 5B01, and 1700, you’ll have to carry out the rest of your diaper. To reset Canon printer, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Hold and press your finger on the “STOP/RESET” button.
  3. Click “POWER”. Press the “POWER” button without releasing the “STOP/RESET” button.
  4. Make sure to keep pressing the “POWER” button held down and wait until the LED light is on and hold it down for a second time before pressing to activate the “STOP/RESET” button.
  5. Click by pressing the “POWER” button.
  6. Press button “STOP/RESET” button. The green light indicates that the printer is in service mode.
  7. Click the “STOP/RESET” button four times.
  8. Switch off the printer.

This method lets you correct the errors that are listed 5200, 5B00 5B01, and 5B01 and. Once you’ve done the reset, errors shouldn’t recur. This method works for Canon MP490 printers. Canon MP490 printer, but is not appropriate for Canon Pixma IP2700.

The most radical method

  1. Ideal for users who only use the printer to print black and white. If the issue of overheating is caused by the constant production of ink inside the colour cartridge, follow this:
    1. Shut off the printer, and then remove it from the colour cartridge.
    2. Remove the sticker on the top.
    3. When the holes in the round form are sealed then drill them.
    4. Put distilled water in a Syringe.
    5. Utilize the syringe for filling each of the three holes with water.
    6. You’ll know when the cartridge is filled when the water starts to drip across the cartridge’s nozzles. The nozzles should be cleaned with a cloth.
    7. The cartridge should be put in its proper place.
    8. Reset the diaper as explained above.
    9. The cartridge is now safe from overheating and the printer can be utilized for black and white printing.
    10. If the error persists even after you’ve completed this process, you’ll need to replace the cartridge, or perhaps the entire device.

Repairing the error 5100

As stated above this issue is associated with an issue with the cartridge holder being unable to move around freely. To resolve the issue follow these steps:

  1. Shut off the printer and begin to open it.
  2. Check that the motion of the cartridge holder isn’t hindered by paper, clippings, or other objects.
  3. If the holder of the cartridge is unable to move due to dried ink, you can use a soft cloth with soapy water to get rid of the ink. Avoid using alcohol.
  4. Move the cartridge holder using your hands first on one side, then to the opposite side. Pay attention to the places the cartridge holder doesn’t move.

The error could also be because of the defects or contamination in the tape used to encode that is responsible for the proper positioning on the cartridge’s holder. If you need to, wipe the ribbon to remove any remaining ink. If you believe the ribbon to be damaged you can replace it.

Additionally, if the grease inside the parking unit is stained by dust, ink, and dirt the cartridge holder is unable to move into an extreme position. This is among the causes why the error 5100 could occur. Replace the grease to fix the issue.

Repairing the error B200

This error can be traced to printers with an image head. Below are a few causes that can cause the error code B200:

  • Power supply issue. Examine if the printer’s power supply is functioning correctly. If you find the capacitors are swollen, they must be replaced. Also, make sure to check the output voltage. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Turn off the printer
  2. Take off the print head
  3. Turn on the printer;
  4. At this moment (half one second) the voltage is at a level of 24 – 32 V.
  • A malfunctioning control board. When the supply of power is functioning correctly, it is important to verify the functioning of the controller board. Take off the print head and start the printer. Do you see the error B200? If yes the control board could be damaged the same may be true to the printer head. It’s not worthwhile fixing the printer under the circumstances. It is much more affordable to buy a new printer.
  • A damaged print head. Get rid of the printer head. Do you see the error B200? If it does not show, you can try cleaning the print head
  1. Watch for error B200, which is the error message to display.
  2. Shut off the printer and begin to open it.
  3. The cartridge holder should be moved to the left.
  4. Click the power button five times (do not hold the button until the device has turned on).
  5. Close the door immediately after the press.
  6. Make sure to wait until the printing head cleaning process is complete.

If the cleaning was not able to assist it, the MFP can be used as an image scanner or print with only one colour. It could be printed in black and white.

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