Learn to Transform Data with Azure Data Factory with DP 203?

DP 203 Training: Learning Azure Data Factory

In the present age of cloud computing, being certified to use cloud technology is a plus for an IT professional. Azure DP-203 is such a certification, and it will boost your career. However, you need to know several skills to qualify for this certification. And a DP 203 training can help you with that. This article will tell you all about DP-203 training and its advantages.

DP-203 Training: Skills Developed

This training will ensure that you can integrate, transform, and consolidate data from various sources for building analytical solutions. After certification, you will become an Azure Data Engineer Associate. They use Azure data services, languages, tools, and techniques to help stakeholders understand data. Below you can find skills developed through a DP-203 Training:

  1. Design DataStrucutre Storage, Partition Strategy, and Serving Layer
  2. Implement Physical Data Storage Structure, Logical Data Structure, Serving Layer
  3. Ingest and Transform Data
  4. Design and Develop a batch processing solution, and stream processing solution
  5. Manage batches and pipelines
  6. Design and Implement data security

If your job responsibilities already include these skills. Or, If you are working toward any of the following certifications, you would be perfect for the certificate.

  1. MCSA Data Engineering With Azure

DP-203 Training: Benefits

Through this training, you will get the necessary skills to build and maintain secure and compliant data processing pipelines. You will be able to produce clean and enhanced datasets.

After the training, you can ensure that the data pipeline and data stores are high-performing. And that they are efficient, organized, and reliable according to the set of business guidelines. You can solve unanticipated issues and minimize data loss. You can also be able to design, implement, monitor, and optimize data platforms.

DP-203 Training: Advantages of Certification

Your certification will show that you have real-world skills. It shows that you are up-to-date with the technology. Additionally, a certificate can sharpen or add new skills that will make you more productive at work. According to IDC white paper, a certified IT professional performs 26 % better. Consequently, it may increase your salary and get you promotions. According to Pearson VUE, 35 % of IT professionals got higher wages, and 25 % got promoted after earning a certification.


A trained and certified workforce is more likely to stay with a company.


If you are only starting an IT career, then a DP-203 training and certification can get you immediate attention. Moreover, it may get you your dream job at a reputed company.


In conclusion, DP-203 is a Microsft Certification that will prove that you can build and maintain efficient data processing pipelines. It is an industry-recognized certification that can boost your career. For example, a promotion or a salary hike as the skill acquired with DP-203 training will make you more productive. However, the certification needs knowledge and expatriates to use Azure Data Factory, and you will need training. You can train yourself through online Microsoft resources or get a DP-203 instructor-led training. Training with instructors can help you quickly acquire the desired skills without wasting time.

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