Look out for High-Grade Parquet Flooring

Look out for High-Grade Parquet Flooring

Parqueting is the decorative flooring by using small blocks of wood or stripes in different geometric patterns. Parquet originates from the French word Parqueterie, and it was an aristocracy during the 17th century when Louis XIV installed Parquet floors by replacing marble flooring. These days Parquet flooring is installed on a well-settled underneath bedding of a suitable material and requires sanding by an expert when the Parqueting is finished. It is more like a craft, and the blocks of wood must follow the grain, even on the edges of the floor, and imperfection at any instant may lead to pattern failure. 

Parquet flooring is available in different geometric patterns, the most common being herringbone. Herringbone patterns are further divided into single, double, and diagonal. The wooden blocks are adequately placed using a suitable adhesive. It is necessary to take care of the room’s humidity to be around 60 and about the contraction and expansion, which may occur later because of climate change. Parquet floors are soft than many ceramic and granite tiles but colder and harder than traditional veneer-based Parquet and thus noisier. Parquets are available in three types – prime, select, and rustic. Prime does not contain any knots or sapwood and hence more costly, rustic, full of knots providing a natural look, while select is the middle between these two with fewer knots. Styles may vary from brick, basket weave, chevron, and hexagon.

Parquet flooring is just like any other wooden floor and hence not much resistant to moisture, but in the case of Timber Flooring Sydney, timber being low in moisture is suited for damp places. The parquet flooring with engineered timber is less durable and hence not suited for long-term installation and should be installed in low-traffic areas. Engineered Timber flooring in Sydney is quite common these days and highly affordable.

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