Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings That’ll Take Your Breath Away

If you’re the type of bride who is looking for engagement rings in Centennial, Co that are minimal, magical, and elegant then moonstone rings are the ideal choice. These shimmering gemstones were said to have been formed by moonbeams making them sacred and magical.

Moonstones were also said to bring their wearer positive feelings and vibes making them perfect for your big day.

Just remember that since these gemstones are rare, only a handful of jewelers keep them and so you will need to look for a good jewelry store to purchase them from.

Reasons we love moonstones

One of the main reasons why a lot of brides tend to prefer moonstone wedding rings in Parker, Co is that these rings are quite versatile and easily pair with a range of metals, gemstones, cuts, settings, and designs.

Moonstones also come in a range of styles to suit every budget and aesthetic. You can opt for a ring that’s minimal and simple, extravagant and detailed, or simply add on some diamond accents for sparkle and shine.

A lot of jewelry stores will only sell moonstones that are sourced ethically and this makes it great for eco-conscious couples. Just keep in mind that unlike diamond rings in Centennial, Co, moonstones rate between a six and a 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

So, while they are great for daily wear, they need to be cared for properly as they can chip or break easily. While this gemstone looks good when set in any metal, a lot of brides tend to opt for rose gold as it offers it a magical feel.

You can even set your moonstone center stone with smaller side diamonds or even on a pave band for added shine and a stunning effect. While moonstones come in a range of shades like peach, yellow, blue, pink and gray, white moonstones are more affordable while blue moonstones are rare and pricey.

While moonstones can be affordable, this all depends on the type of metal and setting you choose.

Final Verdict

Your moonstone ring cannot be found at mainstream jewelry stores and you’ll need to look for professionals that keep rare and beautiful gemstones along with heirloom pieces and are trusted and reliable.

If cared for well your moonstone ring can easily be passed down to your future generations in years to come.

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