Make Your Bathroom Interiors Safe From the Attack of Water

A brief overview about waterproof interiors

Waterproofing because designing the interiors of your property holds much importance. Waterproofing has multiple benefits and can be easily done. Making your interiors waterproof can save them from water splashes that otherwise can cause the wood underneath to swell up making its appearance dull and filthy. Nowadays waterproofing has become quite an easy task with modern technologies and advanced techniques.

One of the best ways to make your home waterproof is by using waterproof plywood and laminate sheets. Plywood is a material that finds extensive use in the designing and decoration of homes, if accompanied with the property of waterproofing can prove to serve a dual purpose. Waterproof plywood makes the surface of a material impervious to water thus retaining its dryness.

What is waterproof plywood?

Plywood that is impervious to the entry of water is called waterproof plywood. By preventing water from entering into the plywood, the dryness of the inside environment remains dry and thus the longevity is also retained.

Waterproof plywood comes with multiple applications. Some of the most common among them include:

  1. in a kitchen where water finds several applications, to keep the woodwork and furniture safe from the damage that can be caused by water, waterproof plywood is extensively used.
  2. In washrooms and bathrooms also, waterproof plywood is extensively used. Every nook and corner in the bathrooms and washrooms are in contact with water for almost 24 hours. Such long-lasting exposure to water can cause a lot of damage to the entities, thus they are protected with the help of waterproof plywood.

Benefits of BWP grade plywood

BWP (Boiling waterproof) grade plywood is resistant to boiling water, water with significantly high temperatures. Two grades of plywood are found to be water-resistant, BWR grade and BWP grade plywood. But since BWP shows resistance to even boiling water, that is why it is considered to be better than BWR.

BWP grade plywood comes with several benefits.

  • BWP grade plywood can easily bear high temperatures and huge amounts of humidity and moisture too.
  • It comes with anti-warp properties. The treatment which results in making the plywood anti-warp, enables it to retain both wet and dry conditions equally well.
  • BWP grade plywood is also highly resistant to pests like termites and wasps making them hygienic to use anywhere and everywhere.
  • The plywood can easily withstand harsh climatic conditions.
  • It remains durable in all types of weather conditions Uses of BWP grade plywood
  • BWP grade plywood is used in making floors of office buildings and huge organisations
  • They are used in making kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom interiors and wall sheathing.

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Whenever you’re thinking of upgrading the interiors of your property, make sure to update the waterproofing system. When looking forward to buying plywood in India, you should avail of the services of Sainik 710. They have high-quality plywood that comes with the assurance of genuine waterproofing and makes your interiors completely resistant to water. You can freely modify the interiors and clean any piece you want to even with water, without worrying about the damage that can be caused.


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