Modules associated with HGV Driver Training

Modules associated with HGV Driver Training


HGV driving is a lot more than just driving. Firstly let’s understand what is inferred by HGV? HGV refers to Heavy Goods Vehicles. These are known as commercial vehicles, which are used to transport goods and services from one place to another. Further HGV driving needs proper training and then a proper driving test is needed to get the HGV licence legally. So let’s discuss in detail the different aspects that are needed in terms of HGV driving in terms of HGV driver training and HGV driver test. Read more and you can see through HGV C+E training courses and the licence requirements.

There are different types of categories in terms of HGV licences. Different categories have different types of vehicles associated with them, with a different type of training and further different types of licence requirements. You can likewise go through HGV C+E training to know profoundly about the HGV C+E Training and licence part.

HGV Driver Training

HGV Training is the initial part after you meet the qualifications for the HGV Licence. Once you are sorted with the qualifications that are you must be 18 years of age before applying for the HGV driver training. Also, you need to go through a medical test before applying for the HGV driver training. This is the part that makes sure that you are medically fit to drive such heavy vehicles.

Once you qualify the basic criteria for driving HGVs you need to take the proper training of HGV driving from a certified and legal driving school. This training helps you in getting a much clearer picture of the different aspects related to such heavy vehicle driving. The HGV driver training is not only designed to train you for driving but also to make you ready for the further criteria that are the HGV Driving test. 

The HGV Driver training has various modules associated with it. These modules are different and connected in some or another way. 

HGV Driver Training Modules

There are four different modules associated with HGV driver training. These modules are dependent on various factors like Theory test, Hazard perception training, Theory CPC test, Practical Test, and Final CPC training. 

Let’s discuss these four modules in detail to know deeply about the different training aspects. 


Theory and the Hazard perception training

This is module1 of the HGV driver training. This module helps you in getting the general theory-based and hazard perception theory training that makes you clear the different aspects related to driving.


Drive CPC theory Training

This is a similar nodule to theory training but is somewhat different as this is the training for getting the certificate of professional competence in terms of HGV driving.


Practical Training

This is the type of training that helps you in getting onto driving the vehicles, i.e. train you about the various aspects that are needed when you practically drive such large and rigid vehicles.


Driver CPC training

This is kept as the last module of HGV driver training because this helps you get the certificate of professional competence in terms of practical driving. Therefore you are eligible to drive the HGVs legally and can be a professional HGV driver.

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