Obesity and Overweight

Obesity and Overweight are the major problems that are seen nowadays due to changing lifestyles. Nowadays people are into the easy environment that is working on laptops, sitting a whole long day, and just working. This may bring you a lot of money but yes health is another major factor that is seen neglected in this term. But yes if we are working to maintain our career growth then one should also work over the various aspects related to health.

Health is the major requirement these days because you can work out your career growth only if you are feeling well. People usually buy Waklert150 to get through sleep-related problems like Narcolepsy and Sleep apnea. When it comes to health problems major health problems are caused due to overweight and Obesity. One should work on their physical health to make sure that there are no other health problems that occur because of being overweight.

What are obesity and overweight?

Overweight and Obesity are the most important terms that are basically creating a lot of problems in terms of mental and physical health. Nowadays people also prefer that their body is fit, they do not look fat, etc.

Sometimes if the person is overweight then they may have mental health issues regarding their physique because people start overthinking about these situations. It is usually said that a person’s weight and height should be integrated then only the person is fit in real terms. So for this, it is usually seen that Body mass index (BMI) is the term that is used to measure the weight of the person and tells if the person is overweight, underweight, or fit. 

There are different Body mass Indexes designed for different age groups. Let’s discuss the deeper concepts of the Body Mass Index.


IN adults it is seen that there are different changes that occur both physically and mentally that can be due to hormonal changes or can be due to other reasons. So the Body mass Index that is specified is as follows:

  • It is said that the person is considered overweight, when their Body Mass Index (BMI) is generally greater than or equal to 25.
  • It is considered that the person is suffering from obesity when the person’s Body Mass Index (BMI) is generally greater than or equal to 30.

Body Mass Index is the major terminology that is used to manage things in a better way as in terms of Overweight, Underweight, or being fit. On the whole, a person should always try to work on their Body Mass index rather than working onto the weight alone. 

Children under 5 years of age

It is seen that the children who are under the age of 5 years should check out the below-written points to measure various overweight and related conditions.

  • It is said that the child is usually overweight when the weight-for-height is generally greater than 2 standard deviations below the WHO growth reference median.
  • The condition Obesity is weight-for-height greater than 3 standard deviations, below the WHO growth reference median.

Children aged between 5–19 years

Overweight and Obesity are defined differently in terms of children between the age of 5-19 years.

  • Overweight is generally considered when the Body Mass Index is 3 standard deviations above the WHO Growth Reference median.
  • It will be termed as Obesity when it is greater than 2 standard deviations over the WHO Growth Reference median.

What are the common health consequences of being overweight and obesity?

There are various health issues that are part of the person’s life due to being overweight and the condition of Obesity. Some of these are:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Cancer

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