Points to Run an Organic Distribution Business

The consumption of chemical-based food and unhealthy eating habits causes a lifestyle change. Adding organic items to meals, clothing, and personal care is crucial. Replace the chemical-based products and go organic. But that depends on the choice.


The ways of becoming a distributor of organic products require a lot of considerations. As there are different kinds of distributorships, each has its requirements.


To do the organic distributor business is easy. Get a franchise from a renowned brand, and that’s it. But to start a business from scratch, you need to know the details. There are several commodities in this sector.

  • Organic Food Distributorship
  • Organic Clothing Distributorship
  • Organic Personal Care Distributorship


Start with any of the above. Consider factors like space, investment, and ROI.

The demand for organic food and beverages is high. Organic produce distributors deliver fresh fruit and vegetables. There is a need for reliable organic food distributors of organic food items. The space availability can be thousands of square feet with an expected return of 9 to 10 percent, with distributorship level covering the city.


Organic manufacturing of clothes made of materials like cotton, jute, silk, or wool is in demand. The product does not cause any irritation and suits sensitive and allergic skin. Here the space requirement is hundreds of square feet with an initial investment of a couple of lakhs and a return on investment of 30 percent. City-level can be that distributorship.

Distributing organic personal care products can provide the highest ROI compared to the other two organic items. Their popularity is because of no artificial chemicals in them. The investment, space and distributorship will all be the same except for the high percentage, which is less than 50%.


The factors to become an established distributor.


Have licenses to operate the organic product distributions. There are a set of formalities and permits part of the process.

  • Get the permit from the respective department. For instance, get it from the health department if it’s organic food.
  • Have a bank account named after your store.
  • Have the necessary certifications.
  • Use only business accounts and ATM cards for all transactions.


Initial Investment

A good initial investment is needed to maintain the proper stock of organic products. Organic products are costly. That’s why an adequate upfront investment is necessary to start an organic product distribution.


Store Location

Choosing the right store location for a business is necessary. The location can make an impression. Hence, selecting the right one is based


  • On a site with less competition.
  • Easy access to public transport and good parking space.
  • Choose a place with rent, not in double-digit % of your sales.



Employees are the backbone of a business. From sales to bookkeeping to handling customers, you need employees. They will reduce the burden while allowing you to focus on other tasks. Hire an experienced workforce.


Setting Prices

The prices must be reasonable and competitive to establish oneself as a better distributor. Pricing less and high leads to sales increase and decrease. So ensure your costs impress the customers.

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