Positives and Negatives of social media as per the human society perspective

As we know that anything in this entire life has some of the pros and cons associated with it. While using anything that can be associated with social media or a game or anything else, there are both positive and negative aspects associated with it. So when talking particularly about social media, yes it is the best technology we could get but on the other side, it is also the technology that is being misused by many individuals and hence adding to the negative impacts of social media. 

Social media and technology are generally offering a greater level of convenience and connectivity. There are a lot of positive impacts that are associated with social media.

Positive Impacts of Social media

  1. The major positive impact of social media is that you can get connected to your family and friends worldwide via various aspects such as texting, emails, facetime, video calls, calls, sending images, etc.
  2. You have very quick access to information and research via the internet and social media. You have been grown over various aspects
  3. The most important factor is that you can pay all your bills and even do all the aspects related to banking at your fingertips with the evolution of the internet. 
  4. There are also the chances of various online learning, job skills, and other content discoveries

Social media on the whole is a good thing for all of us, but there are some of the factors that contribute towards the negatives of social media. There are many negative effects of social media, to know the more firm negative impacts one should go through the 10 negative effects of social media

Negative effects of social media

  • It’s not the reality: This is true that social media is not about the reality, it is much more about the world which is far away from reality. 
  • Increased usage: When anything is used excessively, it will surely have a negative effect on a person’s mind as well as life. 
  • Social Media is an addiction: When you use social media regularly it becomes an addiction. Addiction to anything is a bad choice. So one should surely try to cope up with things in a way that the use is limited so that the things go up in a better way.
  • Fear of Missing Out: Fear of missing out is the major problem and is a negative effect on terms of social media usage. Social media generally creates a FOMO which is generated by social media but the different people like us using the platforms generate FOMO. Some people may be traveling to the best places in the world and putting up their pictures on social media. Then another person who is not posting and didn’t travel to those places gets influenced and thinks they are missing out in the long run. A type of fear is created between individuals that they are lagging behind but this isn’t the reality, it is just created by us.

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