Quickbooks File Doctor has Stopped Working

Quickbooks File Doctor has Stopped Working

Quickbooks file doctor is one of the best tools for eradicating errors. With this tool, you can resolve many kinds of Quickbooks errors in just a matter of time. The software is created by combining two applications named Quickbooks 2014 R4 and the newest versions. Smooth working of Quickbooks software is the main reason behind the creation of the tool. Many times, the user encounters lots of problems while accessing the accounting software. This can lead to so many hindrances and problems in the working capacity. In order to fix that hindrance, Intuit has created a tool named Quickbooks file doctor. It is the sole rescuer for every Quickbooks user who is stuck in between because of the errors. 

But, sometimes, the file doctor gets stopped in between and thus arise so many other problems and issues. Well, here are some of the solutions that you can consider to make this tool run again on the system. But before moving further, let’s first focus on the reasons that cause this situation. 

Causes that stop File Doctor in Between

Listed 6 reasons that bring such hindrance into the system. Get into the pointers below to know each one of them. 

  • Modifying the old version of the QB files 
  • Forget to use some of the essential files while installing the software.
  • The procedure to restore files leaves in between. 
  • Somehow the files become corrupted, damaged, and misplaced and thus lead to this error. 
  • Failure in updating the files. 

So, these are all the causes that make file doctor stops in between the scanning procedure. Now, we will troubleshoot each of these causes by learning the steps given below.

Troubleshoot File Doctor Error with these Solutions  

Here are the solutions that you can perform for troubleshooting the issue. Move into the guide below and learn the steps. 

Method 1: Disable Hosting Mode

  • The user first needs to access the McAfee software. 
  • Click on the tab named Web & Email Protection. 
  • Move towards the firewall. 
  • Hit Ports and System Services. 
  • Once done, select the Add button. 
  • Navigate towards the Services name and enter eMule under it. 
  • You need to now enter TCP data for the software in local TCP/IP ports.
  • Again, provide the TCP data under the Local UDP port. 
  • After that, select All PCs under the option named Open ports to. 
  • Tap on the Save button. 
  • Thereafter, just restart your system. 

Method 2: Manually Launch Quickbooks File Doctor

  • Try to open the software in the first place. 
  • Just wait till no company open window appear. 
  • Move towards the File tab. 
  • Hit Utilities. 
  • Choose the tab named Repair file and Network Problems. 
  • Select OK in the dialog box. 
  • The software will be restarted when you provide it the credentials. 
  • You need to hit on the Yes button when the dialog box pops up. 
  • Navigate towards the wrench icon to access the QBFD software. 
  • Hit Continue.
  • Make sure to give essential credentials. 
  • It will enable you to log into the file. 
  • The repairing mode will start now. 
  • Click on the Advanced Setting. 
  • Then, choose File Diagnosis Only. 
  • Hit Next. 
  • Access the file and examine issues whenever the system gives you such prompts. 

Method 3: Restore the backup

  • The user first needs to make a backup for the damaged and corrupted files. 
  • It will enable you to transfer the corrupted files with the saved ones. 
  • Make sure to access Quickbooks. 
  • Hit the File tab. 
  • Now, you need to click on the tab named Open or Restore Company. 
  • After that, the user needs to tap on the tab named Click Open or Restore a Backup Copy.
  • Moreover, select the Next button. 
  • When a drop-down menu pops up, you should try to browse and choose the location of the backup file. 
  • Once done, just choose the file which has .QBB extension. 
  • Hit the Open option. 
  • Now, you need to choose the Next tab. 
  • Choose the location where you want to place the file from the drop-down menu that is appearing in front of you. 
  • Move towards the name field and provide the name of the file.
  • You will see Save as a field with the entry of .QBW file. 
  • Click on the save tab for finishing the restoration procedure. 


These are all the solutions that you can consider for running the Quickbooks file doctor tool. We wish that the article proves the best in giving you all the desired knowledge. 

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