Raksha Bandhan: A Celebration beyond the Sibling Bond

Rakshabandhan is celebrated in Shravan months’ Purnima by siblings. It is a way of showing love and affection. But more than that the festival is a symbol of a feeling of protection and care between siblings. For celebrating this festival they tie rakhi on the hands of their brothers and take the promise of protection. Even send rakhi to the USA for their brothers who are living there. But in recent years the festival’s celebration is not limited to just siblings but to other relationships as well. This news might not be as new to all of you because rakhi brothers are quite common and sisters have been tying rakhis to their rakhi brothers for a long time. But there are different relationships and sentiments related to Rakhi and in this blog, we have included such celebrations which are not just siblings. 

To your Pets

It goes without saying that pets are a big part of the family. Everyone in your family treats them as a member and also showers love. But nowadays they are also tying rakhi to them too. It is lovely to see that pets are growing so together that they are actually part of every celebration. The ones who don’t have pets might not know about it but for a long time, people have been celebrating Rakhi with their pets. 

To Gods

Rakshabandhan is a festival of celebration of the bond of siblings but it has never forgotten God. Rakshabandhan means protective bond and Hindus believe that God protects them all the time from evil and bad luck. From now on the members of the house worship the god in the morning of Raksha Bandhan and tie them to the right muhurta. By tying rakhi they ask God for their protection for themselves and their family. 

Rakhi Brothers are also significant

While every sister in India ties Rakhi to their brothers on Raksha Bandhan there are some who don’t have any brothers but there are people who are like brothers to them. Even if they already have brothers they still tie rakhi to the brotherly figures of their life on the day of Raksha Bandhan. This is a tradition in which they pay respect to others who protect them and care for them and just their own brothers. 


In some past years, it is seen at many places that along with tying rakhi to their pets and rakhi brothers some people are tying the rakhi to watchmen as well for their dedication towards the work of keeping you safe. This is a great gesture of gratitude and respect towards them and their work. With this, they also offer them presents. You can check FlowerAura’s gift collection which is amazing for every occasion. 


Earlier when people used to think that only their brothers can protect them they used to tie rakhi to their brothers only. But in the modern world, things have changed and people’s perspective toward their sister has also changed. They are tying rakhi to their sisters as well because of the love they shower on them. They stand as the protective barrier of their siblings and family and for that, they are tying rakhi to their sisters as well. 


There is no one in this world who protects their children like their father. With this point, we come to the statement that there is no doubt why you should not tie rakhi to your father’s too. In some households, they are their father’s sister’s rakhi and in some, they are lovingly tying the rakhi on their father’s hand to thank them for the protection they gave them all these years. It is not new but truly a living gesture to the father. 

Wrapping Up

Rakshabandhan is a celebration of the pure relationship of siblings. It has been celebrated for centuries now. The festival is also celebrated in other countries not only by Indians but other people too. But in the past decades, the celebration is now just limited to siblings but it is also done with other people too. This makes this festival even purer and more beautiful. Celebration in this way has made the excitement higher and people who don’t have siblings happier. 

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