Restart Your Canon Printer Spooler Service

Restart Your Canon Printer Spooler Service

A CISS is a device that allows users to install on a printer to increase the output or make it work more efficiently. This results in printers producing more pages than they are designed to.

Additionally, the continuous ink system installation (CISS), which is installed on a printer, causes more ink to spill and absorb into the ink pad, resulting in reset canon printer.

Possible Rectification

This is only for multifunctional printers. For non-multifunctional printers, you can call the Canon Printer Support number. You can also reset your printer to its original factory settings. The best way to fix any issues with your printer is to restore it.

Multifunctional printers can be fixed by placing the printer into service mode. This will make the printer think that the ink absorber pads are empty.

Step 1:

Firstly, turn on your canon multifunction printer.

Step 2:

Now, press the menu button to the printer.

Step 3:

To turn on service mode, the user must put their Canon printer into service mode. To activate service mode, a user must press the SCAN/COPY and SCAN buttons together. The service mode menu can be accessed in English just like a computer’s BIOS.

Step 4:

To reach the COUNTER-ACCESS option, press +. Next, press OK

Step 5

On the printer’s screen, the user will see a page count. The number displayed on the printer’s screen will indicate how many pages the user has printed.

Step 6:

Now, press the OK key.

Step 7:

Then, press the COPY button.

Step 8:

To lower the score, use the -key to set it to zero. Click OK.

Step 9:

Use the + symbol to navigate the menu. Once you reach SCAN PAGE COUNT, stop using the + symbol. This counter should be reset to zero(0) to erase the score on our Canon printer’s page counter. It can only be found in service mode.

Step 10

Go through the menu until you find ABSM DONT COUNT. Click OK to reset your score to zero(0)

Step 11:

After everything has been done, press the stop/reset key.

Step 12:

Use the on/off button to turn your printer on and off again.

You will see an INVALID key message at the end of your computer screen. If this happens, then you should disconnect the power cable and reconnect it again. This is how to fix this error. For more information, contact Canon Printer Support number

Only a working Canon Printer will be able to fulfill your printing needs. If your Canon printer displays an Offline status, you won’t have the ability to continue printing. There are three ways to fix the offline problem. Before we get into the solutions, it is important to make sure that the printer is properly connected to the power supply. Sometimes, the problem can be caused by network failure. Make sure to restart your router. If you are not experiencing any of these problems, then you can either follow the solutions listed here or get in touch with Canon technicians at the Canon Printer Support number.

Method 1: Disable the Offline Feature of Your Printer

To access the Control Panel desktop application, click the Start Menu and enter Control Panel into the search box.
Next, go to Hardware & Sound and click Devices & Printers.
Right-click the Canon Printer you want to search from Printer’s Catalog.
Click “See What’s printing”.
Go to Printers to verify that the “Use Printer Offline” option is not checked.
Click on the Printer once more and click “Cancel All Papers”.

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