Roadrunner Email Not Working? Effective Fixes to Use

Millions of people worldwide use the Roadrunner email. It provides various unique features that allow people to easily communicate and use the mail service. However, you might come across days when you find the Roadrunner email not working properly. There can be innumerable problems that users can face with this email. But at the same time, you’ll be happy to know that there are lots of fixes for the issue as well. In this article, you’ll learn about the various ways to fix RR email problems. 

Ways to Resolve Roadrunner Email Problems

Although there are loads of fixes available, you must choose the most effective ones. It’ll allow you to get rid of a specific email problem from the root.

Inspect Roadrunner Settings

If you find the email service not functioning well on your device, it can be because of misconfigured email settings. So you must know the correct settings of the Roadrunner email. They are as follows:

Incoming server settings

  • The incoming server name is
  • 110 is the incoming server port number.
  • None is the security type.
  • Input your email ID beside the username field.
  • Input your email password besides its field.

Outgoing server settings

  • The outgoing server name is
  • 587 is the outgoing server port number.
  • None will be the security type.
  • Besides the ‘Require Sign in’ input Check.
  • The username will be
  • Use your RR email password besides its field.

See if the Spectrum email is down or not

It might be that the Spectrum server is encountering downtime. It’s the reason behind your email not functioning well. Navigate to and see what it shows. If it shows not working, it means that your server is down.

Unlock your locked roadrunner account

If your Roadrunner email account has been inactive for a while, it will get locked. Thus, it will hinder you from using the account to exchange emails. In such a case, reset the password of your TWC email account. This way, you can unlock the locked email account and use it again. 

Examine the mail attachment size 

If you are unable to send emails from your Roadrunner account, inspect the attachment size. When you attach heavy or numerous attachments, you can face issues in sending them. So, break down the big attachments into several small ones and then send them. You can also compress a file and send it easily.

Resolve the login problems in the Roadrunner email

Login issues like a hacked email account or a forgotten email password can hinder you from using your email. You can change or reset your password to manage the login issues by following below steps : 

  • Navigate to the Spectrum login page.
  • Tap the ‘Forgot email password’ link.
  • Give an answer to the security questions. Also, fill out the CAPTCHA.
  • Reset the password and sign in using the new one. 

Final Words 

Now you know the measures to take when your Roadrunner email not working. These fixes will enable you to resolve a myriad of common RR email issues. But if you get stuck in following them, feel free to connect with professional Roadrunner customer services. The experts will quickly troubleshoot any kind of email problem. 

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