Romantic And Sweet Activities To Do With Your bae On anniversary Day

Romantic And Sweet Activities To Do With Your bae On anniversary Day

It’s the most romantic time of the year for you because this day reminds you of all the vows you took together of loving each other forever. Anniversaries are considered a milestone for couples and this word itself has a totally different effect on people who are happily married. 

As the anniversary approaches, every couple gets down to work as the celebration demands effort. Everyone wants to impress their partner with either a gift or anything that eases the task of looking out other ways and then executing them. Well, it is entirely up to you how you want to spend the day, whether you want to be the one who sits around like a romantic couple and celebrates with a cake over a candle light dinner, or maybe online flower delivery in Chandigarh for your partner. If you want to spice up things on anniversary day without stressing out, then here are some ideas just for you that are romantic as well as sweet and bring a smile to your partner’s face.   

Go down the memory lane

Anniversary is about celebrating the moments; you will not find a better day to show what makes you really happy being with your partner and why you love them. A great way to celebrate your love is by going down the memory lane— for that, you can create a scrapbook, look for old pictures, stick cute stickers, and papercraft. Yes, you have to show some creativity here. If you find preparing a full scrapbook is too time-consuming, wrap the idea in a collage card or a mini scrapbook instead which you can curate in no time.

Cook them a meal

Nothing will make your bae go weak in the knees more than a freshly prepared delicious meal or anniversary cake. If you’re feeling romantic and extra sweet, then cooking dinner for your partner is the way to go. If you’re a rockstar in the kitchen, then check out some dinner recipes online and dessert recipes, too, and amaze your love with new recipes. If not, don’t worry, everything feels extra sweet on such a special day. Also, if your date is interested and won’t mind helping, prepare dinner together—it is surprisingly sexy to see your partner move around the kitchen playing with utensils. It is a perfect way to ditch loud parties and spend some quality time together.  

Tickets to a sport

Are you and your partner sports avid? Then here is something very sweet that you can do for them. Buy two tickets to their favorite game. This way, you not only will get to spend some special time with them but also give the impression that you are into their interests. Anniversary night will be turned into a fun night, and your friends will be all “you have the best wife” once they see her fun side. Trust me, she will be impressed by the date idea, and that is the whole point of celebration, right? Oh, and Start looking for some sources to get your hands on discounted tickets. 

Simple dinner in bed

On your anniversary Day, going out for dinner is a tradition that every other couple does and  you might too, each year. You can do it too, but let me remind you that the service is bound to be pathetic, with prices steep and not to forget the limited menu. Would you like such dinner plans? If you really want to make the day worth remembering, then instead, try to order at home from your favorite restaurant and eat the meal in bed with your partner. Spend the night enjoying good food and, of course, the cozy company, instead of cramped with strangers.

Just appreciate

It’s allowed to get a little carried away with fantasies you watch in movies or read in books. But even if you spent the past two weeks dreaming of riding on a private jet with your partner or being presented  with a diamond ring by your partner, be appreciative even if you receive a teddy bear.

These are some sweet and romantic activities that you can and must do on your anniversary day.

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