Should I Buy Paintings From A Painter’s Website or Any Website?

You will find many websites that list paintings online for sale. The website owners describe the paintings beautifully and artistically to impress the buyers so that they can sell them successfully at the right price. Sometimes, the website owners auction the paintings to get the maximum amount for the same.


Here, the only thing that confuses people is if they should buy paintings from the particular painter’s website or any website that sells the paintings at the best price. Often, people get inclined to other websites because they sell paintings at discounted rates.


Your objective is to get the paintings, no matter from where or from which website you get them. And there is nothing wrong with it. But, if you consider a particular painter’s website over other websites, you will help the painter individually


Originality of the paintings- This is for you. If you love a painter from the core of your heart and wish to get his original paintings, you should buy them only from the painter’s website. It’s because a hard-working and true painter will never list false or other painters’ paintings on his website. You will get original pieces without any doubt.


On other websites, originality will always be doubtful. Rarely, you will find websites that sell original paintings because they are costly for them. They sell copied or machine-printed paintings of reputable painters and try to earn as much as possible. They present the paintings just like originals.


Cost and profit earned on the sale of paintings– Painters prefer selling their paintings on other websites only if they cannot afford an individual website. Or, they think that managing the websites and transactions for the listed painting online for sale is difficult for them.


When painters sell their paintings through third-party websites, they only get a percentage of the sale amount. Another percentage goes to the website owners. It means the painters don’t get the amount that they actually deserve for their paintings.


If you purchase directly from the painter’s website, he will get the entire sales amount. There will be no middlemen and the division of the money will not be based on a certain percentage.


Better understanding– No one can understand a painting better than its painter. It’s very difficult to extract the actual vision of the painting without the assistance of the actual painter. If you buy the paintings from the painter’s website, they will be easy for you to understand because the painter will describe them in the best way. Picking the right painting will become easier for you.


On the other hand, other websites’ owners can never explain a painter’s painting and make you understand the actual vision behind it. They only make up stories to influence the customers, whether it’s right or wrong. Due to this, you might end up investing in the wrong paintings.


By now, you might have understood why buying a painting from a painter’s website is better than buying them from any other website.




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