Should I Worry About the Weight of a Gun Safe While Moving It?

Different factors decide the moving cost of a gun safe. And one factor on the list is the weight of the gun safe. So, you should worry about weight before connecting with a gun safe moving company. You should know what the exact weight of the gun safe is so that it gets easier for the company to plan out further.

How does the weight of a gun safe affect the moving process?

Undoubtedly, a heavy gun safe increases the moving cost. If the gun safe is heavy, the company requires more workers, heavy tools, and more time. When these things are combined, the cost increases. It’s because more workers mean more wages, heavy lifting tools mean expensive and more time means losing out on other projects.

Other than this, moving a heavy gun safe is risky. The workers have to follow the right lifting and moving technique to prevent the gun safe from getting damaged. Also, the chances of workers getting injured are very high. These things also add to the cost for the gun safe moving company.

Sometimes, it’s very difficult to determine the right weight of a gun safe. So, it’s better to seek help from the moving company and avoid assumptions.

What factors decide the weight of a gun safe?

Size– If the size of a gun safe is big, the weight will be more. This is a very clear fact. It’s because a big gun safe requires more steel, more fireboard, more shelving, etc. But, sometimes, things change and a big-sized gun safe is lighter than a small-sized gun safe.

If the size of a gun safe is big but the steel used is thinner and the fireboard used is less, the weight will be less. You should consider the components along with the size to determine the cost.

The gauge of steel– It’s a measurement to determine the thickness of the steel. If the number is low, the steel will be thick and vice-versa. Thicker steel means a heavy gun safe. You should try to find out the thickness of the steel used in the gun safe.

Layers of fireboard– A gun safe with a fireboard means insulated against heat and flame If there are multiple layers of fireboard, the gun safe provides better protection and protects valuable items. But, the multiple layers increase the weight of a gun safe.

Gun safe design– The design of a gun safe also impacts the weight. If there are additional heavy designs, the gun safe will be heavy to move. The two design features that add to the weight of a gun safe are additional layers of steel and concrete or composite liners.

What should you do to reduce the weight of a gun safe?

You cannot make changes in the factors that decide the weight of a gun safe. For example, you cannot reduce the size, thickness of the steel, layers of fireboard, or change the design of your gun safe.

To reduce the weight of a gun safe, you should remove all guns and ammunition. This will not only reduce the weight but also ensure the safety of the movers.

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