Silent Meditation Retreat

Let’s Explore The Realm Of Our Soul! 

Adventures aren’t always about hiking and climbing, sometimes it’s about finding our soul in peace and serenity!

In a dominating world, technology has overpowered our lives, from checking dozens of updates, capturing moments, gossiping on phones, playing games, our life is just revolving round and round around the gadget, we have started forgetting our self, the silence is somehow missing in today’s’ world! So, to find the much-needed silence, turn off your phones, tablets, pods and everything you have that can connect you with the outer world, breathe in and out and relax your mind. Just feel the sheer bliss of sitting still and letting the ultimate peace ripple your delusions and peels away the freakiness of your body and your existing daily routine. Nothing stays permanent in life. Even a chair becomes rotten after a certain point of time. The mind is typically a demented ball that is soaked in juice and trapped in your skull.

 Meditation is a state of profound and peace that our body experiences when the mind is calm and silent. The existence of mediation is still unknown, though it is being practiced for thousands of years. Whether you travel to exotic destinations across the planet or find something similar to your home, the blissful meditation will help you in calming your brain and exploring your inner hidden world.  

Do you know what Silent Meditation Retreat is?

Anything that can be found in solitude and serenity that you were trying to know, since long, we live in a fast-paced world that is full of distractions that keeps you away from unearthing and looking inside your soul, feeling the moment of getting sun-kissed, the breeze touching your face and much more. So when you start spending some moment in silence even for a day, the rain of positive vibes will start pouring your heart, the feeling of calmness, the emotions, creativity perhaps everything will start to flow in the right direction. The hurdle that was ceasing you from achieving your goal will be removed.  

Why choose Silent Meditation Retreat?

In multiple studies, it has been shown that Meditation helps to physically alter the structure of your brain, helps in increasing the volume of self-control, emotions, and positive vibes, increase the concentration power, etc. If you want to live a healthy, happy life, a successful life than there is nothing better than giving yourself a treat by Meditation retreat. There are millions of occasions where a person can master the skill of mindfulness in life. Mindfulness can be constructed through the meditation retreat. The best utilization of time is meditation; anything that can help you in racking up more hours in meditation is highly exciting and it makes loads of sense to serve yourself with meditation retreat.

Benefits of Silent Meditation Retreat-

  • It helps in improving the immune system, decrease anxiety and stress.
  • It helps in decreasing inflammation, negative thoughts, and emotions.
  • It helps in improving focus, memory power, creative thinking.
  • It helps in maintaining good relationships with others, increase in social bonds and less feeling of loneliness.  

You might be wondering how meditation retreat works, what are the rules that are needed to be followed and so on…

For beginners, the five precepts that must be taken into consideration are-

  • Abstain oneself from lying.
  • Abstain from all intoxicants
  • Abstain from killing any being.
  • Abstain from stealing.
  • Abstain from all sexual activities.

Some rules that must be followed in Meditation Retreat-

  • Nobel silence: Any form of communication is prohibited with beings, whether by written notes, eye contact or gestures.
  • Separation from women and men: Whether the person is of the same sex or the other there is complete segregation between men and women. There shouldn’t be any contact within them.
  • No music, reading, and writing: Playing any musical instrument, jotting down notes, listening to music, anything that can distract is prohibited.

The rules may sound a bit Draconic, but with time, you will realize that it is for your betterment.

Meditation is beneficial for everyone, but before going to Meditation Retreat you ought to have some amount of self-discipline and interest.

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