The 5 Biggest Mistakes You Should Avoid When Designing Custom T-shirts

Getting an opportunity to design a custom t-shirt for yourself feels exciting and full of fun especially when there is a hovering trend for personalization these days. Doing so also enables the ones to show off their design skills and enhance their personality by wearing a custom t-shirt designed by them. 

But designing a custom t-shirt may seem a challenging task to many people out there as it will be a new experience for them. The ones who are completely new to designing the custom t-shirt are prone to making several mistakes which in turn might ruin their t-shirt. 

Consequently, the best way forward is to know the mistakes that most people make when designing custom t-shirts and learn from them. 

Let’s have an insight into the biggest mistakes people make while designing custom t-shirts in the post mentioned below. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Custom T-shirts 

Complex design 

Including too many graphics, text and multiple colors in your custom t-shirt might make it look complex and ruin the overall look of the t-shirt. The best way forward is to keep the design simple and have limited information on the custom t-shirt. 

Be careful while choosing the colors, graphics, and text. Keep the message clear and not so complex. 

Low-quality fabrics 

The majority of the people end up choosing low-quality fabrics when designing their custom t-shirts. Choosing a poor-quality fabric might not assist in making a lasting impression on the onlookers and the fabric will also cause discomfort. 

Consequently, instead of wasting your time and efforts on poor-quality fabric, it’s better to opt for superior fabrics which enhance the overall appeal of the custom t-shirt and add to your personality. 

Too many colors 

No one wants that his custom t-shirt ends up looking gaudy by using too many color schemes on the t-shirt. Using too many colors on the t-shirt might not only make it look gaudy but also increases the cost of the t-shirt.

To make your custom t-shirt look great, it would be best to avoid using too many colors and keep the colors minimal only. Using 2-4 colors would make your t-shirt look attractive but not more than that. 


Outdated styles 


The next biggest mistake people make while designing a custom t-shirt is opting for outdated styles. Before designing your custom t-shirt, ask yourself one question- Is it worth it to design a t-shirt that is no longer in trend and looks outdated? 


The answer is no. Consequently, avoid looking for outdated styles and ensure that the t-shirt happens to be of the latest trends be it in terms of design, colors, or anything else. Doing so will make your custom t-shirt look great. 


Choosing the wrong size 


What is the size of the design you have chosen for your custom t-shirt matters the most and can make or mar the final look of your t-shirt? Choosing the wrong design size is the biggest mistake made by people. 


Instead of making your custom t-shirt look pathetic and choosing the wrong size, the best would be to find the ideal size first. The ideal design size depends on the quality of the fabric, and the composition of the design. 

Inferior images 

Besides the ones mentioned above, another mistake people make while designing the custom t-shirt is choosing inferior quality images. As the images seem on the Internet, they might not come out the same when printed on the fabric. 

Consequently, prefer downloading and using high-quality images for your custom t-shirt to make it look great. 

Wrapping Up 

These are the mistakes that most people make when designing a custom t-shirt. Avoid making these mistakes to make your t-shirt look great. You can simply browse the t-shirt printing near me and get to know the best ones. Reach out to the Inkmash and print your own t-shirt

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