The Best Breathtaking Beaches In Maldives

It’s hard to pick a favourite Maldives restaurant, given the variety of beautiful white-washed panoramas and glistering restaurants dotting the coastline. The beaches look just as lovely in real life as they do in Instagram and Pinterest posts and with more than 644 kilometres of coast, it is almost impossible to choose between the best beaches in the Maldives, where every beach is beautiful in its own way.

From Hulhumale beach to the hidden beaches in Male, read on to learn about some of the Maldives’ finest beaches that you must explore during your Maldives tour.

Mudhdhoo Beach

Located around 8 km from the=the capital of the Maldives—Male, you have most likely seen photographs of this breathtaking sandy beach, especially at night. It’s a sight to behold, and one of the many fantastic places our planet has to offer. The Mudhdhoo Beach on Mudhdhoo Island in the Maldives is among the many extraordinary places our planet has to offer. The picturesque sandy beach is adorned with dazzling lights that glisten beautifully at night, making it one of the planet’s many spectacular locations where you can see the Sea of Stars, which is a bioluminescence phenomenon caused by ostracod crustaceans, lighting up the water in blue colour. If you are on a Maldives tour, it is one of the most highlighted places that are included in many of them.

Reethi Beach

Reethi Beach is located on Fonimagoodhoo Island in the Maldives, to the north-east of Baa Atoll where you’ll find water sports, diving, water sports, sports, a pool, and several other activities. The beach is accessible by plane from MalĂ©, the Maldives’ capital from where you’ll be transported to Dharavandhoo (an island of Baa Atoll) in about twenty minutes by domestic flight, and then you’ll board a speedboat that will take you to Reethi Beach, which will take another fifteen minutes. While the beach is mainly popular for the same named resort, you can spend quality time exploring the outdoors and learn more about the waters and culture here.

Hulhumale Beach

On the far side of the airport island, Hulhumale has been built as an artificial reef, with a 1.8-square-kilometre sand beach surrounded by beautiful palm trees. Hulhumale Beach is one of Maldives’ best beaches where you can witness the best sunrise and sunset in Maldives. Clean sand, an epic view, and excellent water quality make this place a must-see destination. The sand extends all the way to the horizon, and the water is clear enough for water sports on your Maldives tour. You can see a beautiful show of colours during the dawn and dusk hours thanks to the elevation.

Fulhadhoo beach

The beach of Fulhadhoo is situated on Baa Atoll’s Fulhadhoo Island, a collection of little uninhabited isles. The beach is about 120 km from the capital and is distant from the major tourist destinations but with winds that refresh the island generated by the ocean, it is indeed a place where you will feel well-refreshed. Guests searching for a relaxing escape and pleasure in nature will adore the sandy coastline and serene vibes of the beach perfect for picnics or just leisurely strolls. While the southwest beach of the island is meant for popular tourist activity, you can explore beyond the hotspots on Maldives tour packages.

Rasfannu Artificial Beach

There are only four artificial beaches in the Maldives, and Rasfannu Artificial Beach is one of them. This location is 1.1km from Male’s centre and one of the Maldives’ artificial beaches, which includes running tracks, swimming and fishing areas, as well as barbecue pits, swings, and showers. Here you can sit and relax. It’s one of the Maldives’ beaches where you can experience the pure white sand, coconut trees, and tropical sunshine of one of the world’s most popular vacation spots.

Whether you are planning a short visit in the middle of the year to catch a beach break or spending all of your summer vacation days soaking in the sun on a Maldives package, their beaches promise more than just a leisure getaway.

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