The Best Tips And Tricks For The MacBook Air M1

The MacBook Air M1 exceeded all expectations with excellent performance and commendable power efficiency. The M1 MacBook Air is 3.5 times faster than its predecessor and has inbuilt video editing features. In addition, both M1 MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro are offered under Apple MacBook Air EMI options. Buyers are never more excited to have their hands on MacBooks with this EMI option.


Tips and Tricks to Get the Best out of your MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro:

  • iPhone and iPad Apps:

The A-series chip installed in the iPhone and iPads is used in the MacBook. The chipset gives the option for users to install all apps on the MacBook. One can move to the Mac App Store and install the apps you want to in the iPhone/iPad version. You can also select your profile on the lower-left corner Mac App Store and switch to the iPhone and iPad Apps to access the installed apps.


  • Touch Alternatives:

As MacBook does not allow touch results optimally, Apple has provided the Touch Alternatives option. It combines trackpad gestures and keyboard buttons to help you interact with those kinds of applications.


  • Adjust Keyboard Backlight:

One can adjust the keyboard backlight in your M1 MacBook Air using the Control Center. First, select the Control Center option on the top right corner of the menu. Next, choose the ‘keyboard brightness’ option and move the slider left or right to control the screen’s brightness.


  • Add icons to the Menu Bar:

All icons previously present on the Menu Bar are grouped and classified in the Control Center. Though it looks neat, it makes it a little disappointing to access frequently used options by moving to the Control Center every time. However, one can drag and drop the icons from there to the Menu Bar, like brightness, display, and more. Buy the M1 MacBook using the Apple MacBook Air EMI option.


  • DND, Spotlight, and Dictation:

One can activate the Dictation option by pressing the F5 key and the Do Not Disturb option by clicking on the F6 key. Along with this, pressing the F4 key opens the Spotlight Search option.


  • Put to Sleep:

The M1 chip in the M1 MacBook Air and Pro wakes the screen up instantly when you close and open it. Thus, it would help to put it to sleep to have better battery life. However, it offers a great battery life than its Intel competitors and can run all day.


  • Battery Percentage:

Apple does not show the battery percentage on the Menu Bar by default. However, one can choose the Battery Indicator option and bring the Battery Status menu to show the battery status. Then, select ‘System Preferences’ and click the ‘Dock & Menu Bar’ option to get it to the Menu Bar. From the list, select the ‘Show Percentage’ option.


  • Accent Colour:

One can change the monotonous blue color buttons by accessing the ‘System Preferences pane. Then, select the ‘General’ option and choose the preferred color from the Accent color strip.



The above-listed tips and tricks help you maximize the usage of your M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. In addition, the new options and updates have made MacBooks more user-friendly and symbiotic. SO why wait? Go ahead and book your MacBook under the Apple MacBook Air EMI option!

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