The Importance of Having Conversations with your preschool child studying in an international school in Kuala Lumpur

The Importance of Having Conversations with your preschool child studying in an international school in Kuala Lumpur

Are you aware that talking with your children frequently is one of the most important strategies to help them prepare for school? According to studies, children in low-income homes, where communication among family members was limited, were exposed to thirty million fewer words than their peers in higher socioeconomic categories, who communicated more at three. Furthermore, a strong correlation was discovered between a child’s literacy development and the number of words they hear.


The more words a child studying in an international school in Kuala Lumpur hears before entering school, the better prepared they will be. Children who hear more words by third grade have larger vocabularies, are better readers, and do better on examinations. The best way to expose kids to more words is through everyday conversations.


This article explains the benefits of engaging in meaningful conversations with your child studying in the best preschool in KL


Why is it important to converse with children studying in an international school in Kuala Lumpur?


There are numerous advantages to having healthy discussions with your child. Meaningful talks aid in the development of a child’s confidence and self-belief. 


It gives them the impression that you are concerned about their feelings and thoughts. It also teaches children how to socialize and communicate successfully.


1 – Children learn new words


Children naturally have a limited word bank, and therefore, more dialogue can help them acquire many new words and their meanings. The most significant benefit of having a good conversation with youngsters who are still starting to speak is that they will quickly expand their vocabulary.


If you talk to them regularly, you will find that their vocabulary expands rapidly. This can help them improve their general communication abilities.


2 – Conversation improves social abilities in kids studying in the best preschool in KL.


Your youngster is learning that speaking is crucial for interacting with and communicating with others. Having a two-way conversation with your toddler or child who studies in the best preschool in KL will help them comprehend social skills like kindness and empathy and help them become better listeners. Ask them open-ended questions like, “Why do you like going to play in the park?” to support this social growth. or “How do you think the story will proceed?”


Being able to steer the conversation in a group setting can also teach your child the value of listening to others and how fascinating it can be to hear other people’s tales and ideas.


3 – Teaches them how to express themselves clearly


Teaching your children about self-expression is crucial for their growth when they are so young and haven’t yet been subjected to significant peer pressure to “fit in.” Children’s self-esteem, melancholy, and dissatisfaction have been linked to sacrificing personal expression in favour of conformity.


By having conversations with your child who studies in an international school in Kuala Lumpur, you help them express themselves clearly, and prevent these negative issues. This will help them develop self-confidence, independence, creativity, and self-advocacy. Your children will be more successful if you encourage them to express themselves. 


4 – Aids brain development in kids studying at the best preschool in KL


In the early years of childhood, the brain undergoes a lot of development. This is a factor that should never be overlooked because it significantly impacts an individual’s overall communication skills in the long term. Remember that children studying in the best preschool in KL are excellent at learning new things, and having a long conversation with them can significantly improve their general communication abilities.


Children learn the meanings of many words, expanding their vocabulary. Apart from that, kids recognise the significance of accent, which will enable them to interact with others more readily in the future.


Few tips for engaging your child in a meaningful conversation. 


1 – Ask open-ended questions


We’re not searching for yes or no replies during a conversation, but rather a discussion. “Why,” “how,” or words like “Could you tell me more about?” “How do you feel about…,” or “I’m interested in hearing more about” are common open-ended questions. 


The most engaging talks with children typically arise from open-ended inquiries that propel the topic forward and reveal replies you never expected.


2 – Move the conversation outdoors


Did you know that outdoor conversations between parents and children are more responsive and connected?


Natural settings, such as parks and beaches, are supposed to encourage connection and discussion between caregivers and preschool-aged children.


3 – Involve your child studying at an international school in Kuala Lumpur in various things


Every moment you spend with your child is an opportunity to engage them in a learning conversation. You can engage children by asking about their opinions on things, whether driving or doing the groceries. 


To be concluded


Children’s development and well-being depend on their ability to converse. That’s because communicating allows youngsters to establish friends, be heard, ask for what they need, and form close bonds with others. As their first point of contact with the outside world, your children learn a lot from you, their parents, about having conversations. So, you should help your child develop better conversation skills just by stopping to talk with your child whenever you can. GIIS is an international school in Kuala Lumpur that encourages kids to communicate and express themselves differently. 


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