The new NEBOSH IDIP course will be offered online

The NEBOSH IDIP course is recognized by worldwide level organizations and prominent professional bodies, and it will provide the students with the sophisticated skills they need to advance their profession toward the position of Head of Health & Safety and other top positions. The NEBOSH will examine the IDIP course syllabus on a regular basis in accordance with the standard qualification development cycle to ensure that the diploma is still relevant and that outdated NEBOSH IDIP content has been revised.

Is Entry Requirements for the NEBOSH Diploma?

There are no entrance criteria, but it is highly advised that the students have completed the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, as this new diploma curriculum requires those with equivalent knowledge.

To grasp the concepts in the NEBOSH IDIP course in Chennai curriculum, learners must have a good level of English.

The standard English required for the NABOSH program is equivalent to an IELTS score of 7.0 or higher in IELTS tests, according to NEBOSH. Redhat Safety Chennai can assist you evaluate your English language proficiency and see whether it is sufficient to take up the recently updated NEBOSH course.

What are the results of our learning?

The overall essential learning outcomes of the International Diploma are:

To discover and communicate essential health and safety information.

To help you with a variety of common workplace health and safety concerns.

To plan a health and safety policy.

To assist in the development of a risk management plan.

To encourage a health and safety culture that is beneficial.

To create and audit health and safety management systems.

To maintain their health and safety knowledge.

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