The Power of Positive Thought

It is possible that the greatest achievers in the world think differently than the majority.

Are you sure the Wright brothers would have been able to achieve what they achieved if they didn’t believe it was possible? Mark Spitz’s seven swimming gold medals were not a result of “I can’t do that.” Imagine Christopher Columbus doing that! It’s possible!

Did you know that success in any subject, be it political, financial, or sporting, could be achieved even if the person was in a negative state? I.e. I cannot do that. It won’t work. best multi disciplinary super speciality hospital

I have personally been in the company negative thinkers, and I can tell you that their influence is very strong and destructive if it goes unchecked.

Take a look at what happens when you put a piece of rotting fruits in a bowl of fresh fruits

It is important to surround yourself with positive-thinking people and share your positive attitudes and thoughts with others if you want success in life.

It is equally important to write down your goals and place them where you can easily see them every day.

1500 Yale University students were asked a series of questions in late 1950s. The topics covered everything from how good the food was and how easy it was for them to borrow books from the library. It is these last two questions that I want to focus on.

1) Are you pursuing an ambition in life? 2) Have you ever written it down?

Twenty-five years later, a postgraduate who discovered the existence of the questionnaires decided that he would continue his research on the two remaining questions. These are his results.

More than 75% of students who took the questionnaire expressed ambitions for the rest of their lives.
Only 3.3% of those surveyed had achieved their goals.

He found out that the majority of the 3.3% (51 college students) had achieved their goals in business, government and the professions.

He had spoken to several others who agreed with him that much of their success had been more accidental than planned. Because they weren’t clear about what they wanted to do, they ended up in careers that they had never planned.

Does this mean that you are programming your subconscious mind to perceive your goals differently by writing them down?

Indelibly mark a mental image of yourself as successful in your mind. This picture should be held tenaciously. Do not let it fade. Your mind will continue to work on the picture.
Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993),
Positive Guru

I cannot confirm or deny the results of the YALE experiment as I was not there. To prove or disprove the power of positive thought, I’d like to do my own mini-experiment.

On my website at, I have created a blog with the first item being a positive thought I am going to picture in my mind over the next 12 months and will report on my blog what has actually happened after 1 year.

I want as many people as possible to take part in this project. I ask that you visit my website and note a goal you would like to reach and confirm that you will achieve it over the next twelve months. Ask as many friends, colleagues, or associates to do the same.

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