The Technology Behind Making Miami Impact Windows Safe

Hurricanes can have winds of up to 150 miles per hour. The impact velocity with which the projectile is likely to hit your windows is calculated by multiplying this by the mass of the windborne debris. Any material not designed for such force would break under such stress logically. There is, however, another answer to this problem: a more long-lasting, more effective approach to keep hurricane winds and windborne debris out of your home. Hurricane-resistant Miami impact windows and doors are available.

How Are Impact Windows Made Safe?

The shatter-resistant film is one method that impacts windows to keep your homes safe. The film is sprayed on both sides of the window panes and seals the glass from the inside. This means that the glass will remain in place even if the window is hit by flying debris or subjected to intense air pressures. The glass may shatter, but it will not blast into the room or cause additional harm.

Additional Protection

Some Miami impact windows use inner membrane technology to fill the area between the window panes in addition to impact-resistant coatings. The PVB layer in this membrane holds the glass together and prevents it from blowing outward. When paired with window film, the windows become practically impenetrable to any piercing or shattering, even at wind speeds exceeding 200 mph, equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane. More information about the materials used to make hurricane impact windows is available.

More Than One Form Of Protection With These Windows

Impact windows can assist deter home invasions as well as keep winds and debris out of your home. Hit windows are made to withstand the force of an impact and form a webbed pattern, preventing glass fragments from flying into your home. With Miami impact windows, two layers of tempered glass sandwich an inner layer of shatter-proof polyvinyl substance. Break-in attempts are made more difficult by this technology.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

Stated, energy-efficient impact windows could save you hundreds of dollars per month by minimizing heat gain and retaining heat in the winter. Due to their inefficiency, traditional windows are accountable for a significant fraction of the average homeowner’s heating and cooling bills. Why utilize old window technology when you can upgrade to energy-efficient impact windows that look wonderful right away and save you money on heating and cooling for years to come? Impact windows are unrivaled in terms of providing you with increased energy efficiency.


Impact windows laminated glass provides another level of protection between inhabitants and intruders, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Impact-resistant windows could help secure your family and property by deterring would-be burglars from breaking in.

To Conclude

Some may argue that impact windows aren’t necessary. What’s the point of taking a chance? The majority of impact-resistant windows and doors are built to higher performance standards. The advantages of buying Miami impact windows¬†far surpass the cost difference, which in many situations is negligible. Keep in mind that the product’s worth is determined by how well it performs in a storm and how long it lasts.

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