The Three Chino Shades Every Man Should Try!

Tripping over one of the best casual pants when you least expect is similar to discovering an exotic mammal sitting next to your car parked in the garage. It feels as if you are blessed! Isn’t it? Certainly!

Chinos are nothing less than wardrobe’s most trustworthy, reliable all-rounder. It is fair to say that Chinos, one of the popular men’s cotton drawstring pants are a guys’ multipurpose tool, especially when there is everything but nothing to wear that is comfortable.

Chinos are one kind that one can pull off with a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers, a crisp shirt, jacket, and formal shoes. This means that if you love solace, baggy or slim-fit men’s cotton drawstring pants, you must bag a couple of chinos of different colors. Especially the below-mentioned ones!

  1. NAVY

Navy blue is just not for men with anchor tattoos. Navy chinos can be styled in numerous ways than just pairing with a Breton top, beanie, etc. Certainly, a pair of navy blue color chinos will be the smartest additions you can make to your closet.


How to wear

There are many ways! However, you can pair your navy chinos with a casual-looking white or any bright-colored t-shirt and sneakers. Additionally, you can also lean on them for a formal look. You can dress them up with a crisp shirt, tie, and cardigan.


  1. KHAKI

Olive green military-inspired pants are extremely popular among boys. They are also the simplest routes to wearing more shades, without having to step out of your safe zone.


How to wear

Sometimes working with army-inspired olive green or khaki pants looks trickier to work with in comparison to more classic shades. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that Khaki chinos should be given the orders to do a march-past.


Although olive green khaki pants work perfectly well with white or grey t-shirts, these men’s cotton drawstring pants can blend handsomely with neutral and camel tones, or be upgraded from civilian life with a smarter top half. Now that’s the versatility that should and must grab your eyes.

  1. GREY

Without any doubt, if military-inspired khaki chinos are for battle-field, then grey chinos are the apt bet for the boardroom. Grey shade suits every skin tone. What we meant is that this is the best way possible to kick off the boring shades from your life. Grey is the perfect base for building your workweek looks; however, it can also give you an off-duty casual fit vibe.


How to wear

When it comes to wearing grey-colored chinos, there are many shades of colors and styles you can pull off. Due to their neutral shade, you can dress them up with anything. Go for a black shirt, play casually with a light blue Oxford button-down, or add some denim to your pair(in the form of a stonewash jacket). Heck, do it all.

These were some classy shades every man should try to kick boredom put out of his life. To know more, please feel free to get in touch with us.




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