The top 20 tips for passing the NEBOSH ( IGC ) in first attempt

NEBOSH is one of the most well-known and widely recognized health and safety qualifications. If you want to enter the field of health and safety, the NEBOSH IGC Course (International general certificate) certificate is a must. Most people have unsuccessfully attempted the NEBOSH IGC test, this article is for individuals who have previously failed tests and are preparing to write them again, as well as all potential Health and safety professionals.

Make sure you follow the guidelines listed below to get an A in your NEBOSH IGC exam

1.Create an example. You may find it hard to persist and be patient as you prepare if you don’t have a good example. Your main inspiration should come from the NEBOSH IGC certification that you’ve acquired. This will assist you in not giving up when the process gets wearisome.

  1. Join a quality exam provider that offers excellent candidate support. These examination businesses provide competent assistance to their clients in order for them to achieve success in the test. The majority of these firms send out emails to candidates after the exam, informing them about their results as well as telling them what questions they answered correctly and incorrectly.
  2. Make a reading plan. To pass the NEBOSH IGC examinations, you must put in some effort. To adequately cover your curriculum before entering the examination hall, schedule your time appropriately. This will provide you with the much-needed self-assurance.
  3. Make preparation ahead of time so that you can properly absorb each portion. You’ll lose a lot of information if you read too quickly.
  4. Make a note of revisions. During revision, you can’t go over the whole study material again. As a result, your revision note will come in handy during this time.
  5. It’s vital to avoid cramming. During your study, try to grasp the concept behind each component.
  6. Make a visual representation of the material. After you’ve finished each module, attempt to picture as much as possible in your mind. This will aid in the development of a connection between all of the information presented in the course.
  7. To verify your level of preparedness, use NEBOSH review questions and answers. Answer each question on its own before comparing it to the correct answer. See the NEBOSH revision guide; questions and answers for more information.
  8. Take your time and write the exams carefully. If you’re not prepared, wait until the next exam date to write them.
  9. During the examinations, minimize any possible distractions. If you’re sitting with someone who’s annoying you, try diverting the examiner’s attention. Distraction can cause you to lose track of time and essential information.
  10. IGC 1 (Health and safety management system) requires a solid knowledge of the Health and Safety Management System. The importance of comprehending the components of the management system cannot be overstated.
  11. IECC 2 (Workplace hazard and control) requires responses that are practical in nature. What you must do is state what you would do if you were a Health and Safety representative on site when such a hazard/risk appears.
  12. Make use of mnemonics. Mnemonics might help you remember things. A mnemonic device is a set of acronyms that define a broad scenario. Conflicting acronyms should be avoided; each one represents distinct information. You may become perplexed if you use too many terms with the same acronym.
  13. In every question, learn and comprehend the command word.
  14. Before the exams, be sure to resolve any administrative or registration problems you might have as soon as possible.
  15. Find out where the exams will be held before the examinations.
  16. Make sure you get to the examination venue on time. Get comfortable and sober before beginning.
  17. You can do well in IGC 1. It is critical for you to believe in yourself and not allow anyone or any circumstances to shatter your self-confidence. You may not perform as well as you might hope in IGC 1, but you may still maintain your confidence.
  18. Try not to invest too much time on any one question. To estimate the anticipated depth of your response, use the command word that comes with each question.
  19. Make an attempt at every question. Because NEBOSH does not use a negative marking system, you will not be penalized if you answer a question incorrectly. You lose the whole point for each question you miss since there is no penalty for incorrect answers.

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