The Trendiest Wine Cellar Designs You Need Check Now!

Are you thinking about spicing up the design of your old cellar? Perhaps, you want to design a new wine room for your growing collection? Nevertheless, the following section has brought you the trendiest wine cellar designs of this year to inspire your dedicated wine space.

For modern wine collectors, wine cellaring is not just a hobby but an investment. And this year’s top cellaring trends perfectly represent that passion through sleek, minimalist and modern designs.

So, without wasting any more time, jump into the next segment and spot your favourite cellar design trends of this year!

The Best Wine Cellar Designs Of This Year You Need Check Now!

There was a time when people used to hide their collections in old, stone-built rooms. While vintage cellars will always be in trend, more and more wine enthusiasts are leaning toward contemporary designs that show off their precious collections.

Here are some of the best wine cellar trends you can consider for your wine room:

1. LED Lighting 

Lighting can be harmful to wine ageing. Thankfully, there are decorative lights you can use to jazz up your own room. You can set them along the door frame or under the wine racks. These lights can instantly add a modern feel to the room without rearranging the chemical compounds of the drinks. Some collectors prefer to place the lights behind the wine bottles to create a visually stunning look and transform it into the start of the house. LED lights look best in glass-enclosed cellars. However, ensure you pick the correct type of light.

2. Elegant Racking 

Wine collectors are moving from boring racks to modern, elegant and sleek decorative shelves. Wine racks come in numerous materials and colours that you can easily customise according to the wine cellar designs. Dark wood wine racks are among the most popular options as they add a subtle pop and natural element to the area. Apart from the colour, you can play around with racking placements. You can install them vertically and horizontally or create unique designs, like slanted ascent.

3. Climate Controlled Cellars 

As more people learn about the correct ways of wine cellaring, the demand for well-equipped cellars rises. Temperature is one of the worst enemies of ageing wines. Naturally, collectors are paying extra attention to humidity and temperature levels and installing suitable equipment to reduce the risk of damage. No matter the environment of your home, it’s essential to have a climate-controlled wine cellar.

4. Unconventional Locations 

Gone are the days when people only thought about having a wine cellar if they had a basement. With excellent custom wine cellar builders, you can have a dedicated space for your drinks, no matter how large or small your house is. People are choosing the most unconventional places to store their wine, like the pantry, garage, under their stairs, the closet, or in the middle of the living room. And, of course, if you want to make a statement, you can always go with an underground spiral cellar. As long as you have space for a cooling unit, you can turn any corner of the house into a cellar.

5. Wood Flooring And Glass Enclosures 

Combining natural elements with modern designs is another trend swooping over every cellar this year. It involves creating clean, sleek spaces that show off the exhibition and protect it. Pairing wood flooring with a glass enclosure will emphasise the collection rather than the cellar while maintaining the freshness of wooden floors and racks.

  1. Mix And Match

Are you confused between a couple of styles or designs for your cellars? How about combining them to create a statement? If you listen to most cellar designers, mix-and-match tones are in trend. With custom wine cellars, you can mix any style of your choice, such as industrial with vintage. You can mix and match the racks, materials, colours and textures. It will allow you to add a personal touch to the cellar and help it stand out.

7. Black Walls And Rustic Designs 

If you are open to adding a bit of drama to the wine cellar, go for this trend. Black walls are perfect for adding more edge to the space and making it look modern, while the rustic elements add more depth to the design.

Final Thoughts

With the popularity of custom-built wine cellars, creating unique wine cellar designs that perfectly represent your taste has become incredibly easy. So, which one of these trends do you like the most? Hopefully, it will help you create a beautiful, elegant and secure home for your wine collection. Remember, regardless of which trend you pick, the cellar should have features for temperature and humidity control.

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