Things You Should Remember Before Going to the Best Place to Buy Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

There are many people who hit their five-a-day vegetable quota at the Pietermaritzburg fresh produce market. Here, no product is regarded as a bad product. However, there are some savvy shopping strategies that can considerably save your precious dollars. Thus, it can make your purchases last much longer and allow you to steer clear of harmful bacteria.

This will pave the way for you to join the rocking ranks of both fresh fruits and vegetables. Here, in this article, we have collaborated on some expert-endorsed tips for shopping smarter. So the next time you’re stocking on green peas and lettuce leaves, things will be much easier for you. Now, let’s begin.

  • Never Go Off-Season

The most convenient way of sticking to your food budget is to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. This will not only save you money but also help you maintain the nutritional value of your diet.

  • Make the Best Use of Farmers’ Market for Fresh Production

A farmers’ market is more worthwhile than supermarket produce. It is because most farmers’ markets accept SNAP vouchers for purchasing fresh ingredients. Also, you can rest assured that farmers’ market purchases have been harvested more recently than at a conventional grocery store.

  • Don’t Shop Excessively Ahead

You might think that shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables ahead of time can help you to save money. However, it is only possible to prepare things only for a few days at a time. Unlike packaged food products, you cannot expect the fresh produce to remain fresh for a week. So visiting the grocery store a couple of times can considerably refresh your stash.

  • Never Grab From Whatever is Displayed in the Front

Wondering why people shuffle so much only to buy a peach of boxes? Well, supermarkets are often known for rotating stocks. This makes the older product move forward while, the newer products are pushed behind. So, acquiring the least-fussed and most nutritious finds is always ideal for reaching the back packages.

  • Don’t Ever Purchase Pre-Cut Vegetables

Purchasing pre-sliced fruits and vegetables are never the right choice, especially crudites or melons. Most often, this will cost you much more than purchasing a whole fruit or vegetable. So it’s always best to invest a few minutes doing the chopping business on your own.

But if your schedule is tight and you experience that time works as a barrier, then pre-cut fresh produce is best. This will help you to stay on track with significant healthy habits.

  • Don’t Always Consider Going Organic

Most of the fruits and vegetables come with a produce sticker attached to them. So whenever you purchase them, make sure that you take a closer look at the produce sticker. While the four-digit code indicates traditionally-grown crops, the five digits indicate organic practices.

It is always best to purchase conventionally grown products as it can significantly help you in saving your dollars. 

To Conclude

Shopping on weekends is not always advisable as most of the fresh deliveries arrive early in the week. On the other hand, most of the produce departments put up their discounts mid-week, especially on Wednesday or Thursday. So, if your schedule is compatible, you can consider hitting the supermarket in the mid-week itself.

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