Tips for Beginners to Make Bicycle Ride Fun and Enjoyable

If you aim to achieve physical fitness, cycling can be the best option. However, as a beginner, you need to follow certain tips and master the techniques without experiencing body cramps.

If you are about to hit the trail individually or with a group of enthusiastic cyclists, you must be aware of certain points to make it your most memorable experience. This blog talks about the basic aspects of starting your cycling journey.

Adjust Your Seat to the Right Height

Proper seat height is necessary to pedal with comfort. The improper height of the pedal can cause discomfort while riding and can have health implications. Generally, beginners only look if their feet comfortably reach the ground while they sit on the saddle. Therefore, to attain the right height, you must adjust the seat in such a way that your knee should be moderately bent when you hit the pedal.

Get a Suitable Cycle

A cycle that fits well is necessary for you to continue cycling. If you experience problems with the cycle you are currently using, get it replaced with a suitable one. This includes having a cycle with a proper seat and handle length. For the best cycling experience, your arms and torso must make a 90-degrees angle when you are in action. Additionally, your back should also be straight to avoid pain or back injury.

Regular Maintenance of Bike Brings Excellent Results

When you start practising cycling regularly, you must follow routine maintenance of your cycle. This increases your bike’s life and also prevents the chances of unfortunate accidents.

Some areas you need to focus on for cycle maintenance are:

  • Lubrication of the chain.
  • Proper functioning of the breaks.
  • Fill your tires with air to avoid damage.
  • Proper positioning of the handle.

Avoid Focusing on High-End Bikes

Although certain essential safety equipment like a sturdy helmet and knee and elbow pads are required to start cycling, you must avoid investing in expensive bicycles for men and women. As a beginner, you must practise riding your bike while maintaining an accurate body position. Later, when you become an expert in this sport, you can choose a bike with an upgraded gear setup to increase your efficiency.

Avoid Overexertion

As a beginner, you are prone to put yourself in risk by over-practising in the initial days. To sustain as a cyclist, it is necessary for you to practise and build your endurance steadily. For this, you can set a daily goal and focus on achieving these goals. In addition, you must also start cycling at a slow pace and gradually increase the speed to surpass every hurdle in your journey.

Carry an Extra Tube to Your Trail

Hitting the trail for cycling practice comes with certain dangers for your bicycle. This includes the bursting of the tubes because of an invisible nail or thorn. In this case, all your excitement and zeal may turn into frustration. Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, you must consider carrying an extra tube and a repair kit, which includes a mini pump, tire levers, patch kit, etc.

Bring Refuelling Materials for Yourself

Like any other sport which involves body movements, cycling also leaves you exhausted. Therefore, you must carry water or energy drinks to the trail if you are planning to practise for nearly an hour. However, if you plan to go cycling for longer hours, you must carry light snacks to keep your energy as high as your spirit and excitement. It is a must for every beginner cyclist because, without proper hydration and food, you will get tired, which may result in nausea and confusion.


Cycling is one of the best sports that comes with the freedom to explore new places. All the points mentioned above will help you reach your goal while enjoying the trail with comfort. In addition to these beginner tips, you must also avoid earplugs during your ride to focus on the sport.

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