Tips for Digitally Printed Signs That Fit Well with the Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis in 2021

Tips for Digitally Printed Signs That Fit Well with the Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis in 2021

We are moving towards the time when the preferences of people are changing continuously after the COVID-19 pandemic. Like any other region in the USA, the authorities of Irvine have also instructed businesses to follow social distancing guidelines and hygiene measures.

During these unusual conditions, digital signage offers a great way to facilitate and inform the employees, clients, and customers. Consequently, the demand for cheap and quality digital printing agency in Irvine is also increasing.

As you open or reopen your business in Irvine in 2021, you may also be looking for a digital printing agency in Irvine to get some digital signs for various purposes. But, before you order digital signs, take a look at a variety of ways in which one can use digital signs. It will help you make any modification your digitally printed signs need or design new signs that cater to the current needs of your business.

  • You can use signboards to urge people to maintain appropriate distance and use sanitizers available at the entry. Since we are all new to this situation, everyone needs to be explained necessary measures like social distancing and hand sanitizing.
  • If you also facilitate home deliveries, you can encourage people to stay home and enjoy home deliveries. Digital signage with a message of home delivery is a great way to show you care for your customers and help them take care of themselves without having to come out for shopping.
  • Businesses that don’t have to interact with customers physically but need employees at the site for proper business functioning also hugely benefit from digital signs. You can use digital signage to inform your employees about the precautions they need to keep themselves safe and healthy. Safety measures can be displayed on digital signs so that they remember the care they need.
  • If you are a hospital or health care center, the use of digital signs is extensive. Digital signs can help the staff, patients, and visitors informed about the necessary information related to Covid-19 vaccination. You can use digital signage to inform where they should go or where they will get information about Covid-29 vaccines. Besides, digital signage can also help manage the queues and inform the patients effectively.

New signage and wayfinding graphics can encourage practices to help people navigate with ease. So, here are a few more tips on what your digital signs should look like.

Your digitally printed signs should communicate in a friendly way. Existing off-the-shelf signage can induce stress as they are plain instructions that often make people cringe. At present, no one is in a state to be treated rudely. So, keep the design and the tone of the message that sounds friendly and make your staff and customers happier. For instance, you can use ‘Let’s wear masks’ instead of ‘Put on a mask’. a

Think about how signage can help in the entire employee journey when they return to their workspace. Think about what are they feeling? What do they need? Examine the full journey right from the moment they leave the safety of their homes to the time they sit on the desk, have lunch with their colleagues, or shopping again in their favorite stores.

Putting signs like ‘Welcome Back’ and ‘let’s wash our hands to protect each other’ in the lunchroom and restrooms can make a huge difference. Besides, you can also use additional signs at the exit that remind them of maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask on the way.

So, before you contact a digital printing agency in Irvine, ensure that the design for your digital signs is appropriate, friendly, and more fitting according to the current situations.

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