Tips To Choose The Best Custom Mug For Your Business

Whether you are planning to start your business or have a well-established business, marketing is inevitable. With cut-throat competition, businesses are always on the lookout for effective marketing techniques. 

Fortunately, one such effective marketing technique that can do wonders for your business is opting for custom mugs. Picking the random mugs or whatever comes your way is the biggest blunder done by the business. 

You must ensure you are picking the best ones for your employees. The research conducted on the same reveals that 65% of people are emotionally attached to their favorite mug. Consequently, choose a custom mug that ends up becoming super special for the employees. 

Go through the tips stated below to help you choose the perfect customized mug for your business. 

Tips to Choose the Best Mugs 

Choosing the custom mugs might seem like an easy task in the beginning but hardly one knows how many things and factors go into deciding the best custom mugs for your business. 

Consequently, here are some things based on which, you should decide the best-personalized mugs for your business. 

Unique and trendy mugs 

The foremost thing to bear in mind while choosing customized mugs is whether they are unique and trendy or not. Buying the same mugs as others won’t be of any good and seem like boring. 

Consequently, you should design something out of the box and add your unique touch to the custom mugs. 

Pick colors carefully 

Colors play an important role in customized mugs and should be chosen wisely. One should always use ink colors if it is screen printing or look for the full-color printing option. While printing your logo, prefer to use only one ink color. 

Ensure to use your brand colors in the mug’s design as this goes a long way in creating your brand awareness. 

Specific to business 

There is no use for customized mugs if they aren’t tailored to your business. One should always choose the mugs about one’s industry. No matter in which industry you work, using mugs is inevitable. 

Consequently, brighten up the mornings of your employees by giving them a custom mug. Be it a hot coffee or bedtime tea, a custom mug is what people need. 


The occupied and busy routines of people hardly allow them enough time to drink their morning coffee or tea peacefully. This mere fact introduces you to another factor when choosing the custom mug and that is its portable nature. 

Choose a coffee mug that is portable and can be carried out on busy days. Usually, mugs made from steel are long-lasting and durable. Also see, if the custom mug is microwave friendly or not. 


The custom mug is only known by the design it has and the same is the case with businesses also. Lay your complete focus on the design and try to incorporate all the major elements of your brand in your design such as logo, name, and contact information. 

Funny sayings, quotes, or emojis can also form the design of your custom mug. The design should be captivating and above all, great. 

Wrapping Up

Being slightly picky or choosy while choosing your custom mug for business is obvious and there’s nothing wrong with this. Use the above-stated tips to design your custom coffee mug and market your brand like no one else.

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