Tips to Select the Best PVC Coated Fabric

Tips to Select the Best PVC Coated Fabric

Perhaps, you have planned to purchase a PVC hall. Being a first-timer, you are likely to experience problems selecting an appropriate fabric for the hall. You can come across PVCs of varying thicknesses and to serve different purposes. You need to know how to select the correct one, the thickness amount of PVC material, special requirements, etc. PVC hall fabrics can be found in varying forms, shapes, and sizes.


Pvc coated fabric construction needs to be fire-safe. Hence, the fireproof varnish is to be used for the PVC. Otherwise, obtaining a building permit will pose to be a problem. Also, a PVC certificate is to come with a fire-resistance certificate. This can be achieved with any particular PVC mass component or varnish. The truth is different manufacturers tend to take diverse approaches.

Lacquered fabrics

The reputed manufacturers lacquer the fabrics on both sides. It is to ensure enhanced colorfastness and UV resistance. Moreover, the fabric stays much cleaner while the PVC mass does not experience any microdamage. Dirt and moisture, for instance, might steep within the base fabric, thereby damaging it. Base fabric material here PVC mass is to be applied needs to be of ‘low wick’, mold-resistant, and UV-resistant. The more expensive ones are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.


Pvc fabric material is generally offered to range between 220 grams per sq.m. to 1200 grams per sq.m., with each serving a specific purpose. Thinner ones are found to be more suitable for load covers, curtains, banners, trampolines, wrestling mats, etc. Different fabrics are used for different purposes besides weight per sq.m. (PVC mass thickness). Hence, the fabric base might differ. Trucks are fitted with 00 to 900 grams per sq.m. fabric with varnishing done only on a single side, without fire resistance. But in cars, they are much thinner.


Temperature resistance

PVC coating temperature resistance should be taken into account based on the climate of your region. Different manufacturers assure PVC color preservation with different lengths. This means PVC mass color like red to pink is not likely to get damaged due to changing weather patterns and sun.

What conditions to consider while selecting PVC material?

If buying PVC material, then it will be necessary to first understand for what purpose it is to serve. Is it meant for agricultural reasons, car cover or PVC hall, etc.? Getting clear answers to this question will be essential to making the right purchase and deriving benefits from it.

What is PVC coating comprised of?

Fabric is generally covered on both sides using an acrylic finish. While being dirt repellent, it helps prolong product life. The coating is the next layer to be given, thus providing essential protective features to the product. Next follows an undercoat to make the surface to adhere the fabric base. The product’s main element is the base fabric providing it with desired strength.

PVC coating maintenance tips

If you find holes in the PVC coating, then fix them without any further delay. While washing, use a product to wash. But it should be something that you can do on your own. You may choose strong chemicals for efficient cleaning. However, without proper rinsing, the varnish layer is likely to get destroyed.

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