To Know About the RFID Access Control and Parking System

To Know About the RFID Access Control and Parking System

Radio frequency identification (RFID) utilizes electromagnetic fields to identify and track the objects automatically. Most RFID systems consist of a microchip with an antenna (tag), a reader with an antenna, and an access control server. The RFID system cross-check the data present in the tag with that of its database. In the event that it matches, access is allowed. We can provide best RFID access control and parking system.


What are the benefits of RFID access control system?


Increase safety: RFID access control system increases the security of the establishment. Each card is connected to personally identifiable information. So if the card is stolen, it will be easy to identify intruders using stolen cards.


Easier and faster access: The long-distance RFID-enabled electronic ID badges allow authorized employees to access secure areas within the facility without handing them to present the card to the reader. This is especially important for applications where workers have to carry heavy items and equipment.


Integration: Long-range RFID is the perfect personnel and vehicle solution. This technology is an ideal solution for automatic vehicle identification. 


Manage employee flow: Our effective access control solution can help organizations track and monitor employees and visitors with the help of access control software. This software provides real-time information related to each employee is stored for future use.


Why is the RFID parking system so good?


An automatic RFID parking management system is suitable for parking lots, garages, campuses, gated communities, and other vehicle control areas. Our RFID parking system automatically opens doors and barriers exclusively for license holders without a remote control regardless of the weather conditions. 


It is now possible to take advantage of the new parking system. This fully automatic system opens doors and parking barriers without pressing any buttons or using any remote control. Each vehicle has a tag attached to the windshield or elsewhere when the car approaches a door or a parking barrier. The tags are automatically identified by the reader that opens the door or obstruction.

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