Starting a business while bringing in income and being able to self-manage personal finance, so many young people choose this form. However, not everyone has abundant capital to start a business. Therefore, in the article below, Vinslim V3 will suggest you the top 10 simple business models with low capital but attractive income.


What business is the current trend?
Starting a business with little capital will be difficult if you don’t catch the right trend of the market, even if you don’t know what to do with a small amount of capital. These will be some of the business ideas that are trending today, chosen by many people to get rich from small capital.
There are many business ideas with low capital that bring good income

Trends in home business. There are many people who choose to do small business with little capital, no need to rent space, which will save a lot of costs. And the important thing is that you are completely proactive in terms of your time and space. You can open a small grocery store if the house is on the ground floor, in a densely populated area. Or the idea of ​​​​importing clothes, shoes, household appliances, cosmetics, … to do business at home.
Online business trends. As technology develops, we spend time online on our phones, surfing social networking sites as often as we do. Keeping up with that trend, online business in the form of livestream sales is very popular thanks to its high community spread. Sometimes all it takes is a smartphone to start an online business. For greater efficiency, you should write the livestream script in advance and prepare the necessary tools to support the best live.
Small business trend with little capital. This form of business is becoming more and more popular and is shared by many people. Because starting a business with less capital will be safer, suitable for young people who like to master and discover their own abilities.
New business ideas such as: handmade souvenirs from strange materials (fabric, wood, paper, …), unique technology toys, home beauty care services, online tutors,… More and more customers choose, bring attractive source of income.
Top 10 least effective capital business ideas 2022
Small business with handmade products
If you are still wondering what business to do with a small amount of capital but you have ingenuity, meticulousness, love pretty things, making handmade items is very suitable.

Just be prepared to invest a little capital for a business of handmade goods with easy to find materials, even household recyclables with just 0 dong capital, you can start a business. But what you need to spend is research time and creativity to make beautiful and unique handmade products that attract users. For example: making paintings, seals, recycled furniture, embroidery, handmade soaps, handmade cosmetics, etc. These products are very attractive to customers.
Special attention should be paid when doing business with little capital by making handmade products, which also needs to catch the market trend. For example, approaching anniversaries, holidays, etc. can start a business with little capital by designing and making products according to that idea.

Business from fashion and beauty
Business from the fashion and beauty fields is always a hot idea, especially for those who want to start a small business, love beauty and have good taste.

There are many small-capital business ideas from fashion and beauty that attract customers such as: ordering clothes from foreign websites, designing and selling clothes by yourself, trading in secondhand goods, selling items specifically for each object. children’s clothes, student clothes, elderly people’s clothes, couple’s clothes, …), open design classes, repair clothes, …
The recent trend is online fashion business, ordering goods has helped many people get rich from small capital. Taking advantage of low import prices, stable product quality, diverse designs and the spread of online sales channels, even though small businesses with little capital, they still make good profits.

Or business ideas in the beauty industry are also very diverse such as: using my knowledge of beauty to open teaching classes, sharing vlogs and sales, selling cosmetics, self-producing beauty cosmetics, etc. Many of these ideas just start with little capital, don’t take much risk, but still ensure a stable income. You can also refer to the iwin card game to earn more capital.

Business selling printed clothes on demand
This low capital business trend of selling printed on-demand clothing has blossomed and is still a hot trend until now. The most popular can be seen is the service of printing and selling uniforms and briefs. Investing in a printer, a computer, and having good taste and design skills can quickly start a business in printed clothing.
Moreover, if many of you are still wondering what to sell without fear, this is also a good suggestion. Although compared with many other business models, this is not the least capital investment model, but it has the advantage of proactive control of orders, not afraid of inventory of printed clothes.

And the print-on-demand clothing business model is also very easy to develop and scale. If you are familiar with the trend of the market, you can make suggestions

Newer business ideas such as printing cups, stationery, furniture, etc.

Small capital business from selling food
If you are still wondering what to sell without fear, the food business is not a bad choice. Currently, there are many fast growing food business trends such as: ordering food online, selling snacks, food carts, sidewalk coffee, juice smoothie shops, food delivery. …
Don’t worry about doing any business with a small amount of capital because you just need to have a passion for food and a little talent for cooking. Small capital business models with ideas from selling food need little investment, even just from a family kitchen can start a business. Take advantage of the sales platform from ordering applications. So you just need to focus on doing good quality of your food. The delivery and shipping stages are supported by 3rd parties.

However, there is a note about store management, materials management, staff, … if you open a restaurant selling food. If you just started a business with a small amount of capital to sell food, the lack of experience in management is also easy to lose, confuse raw materials, and difficult to calculate revenue – costs. Need to be careful or consult people with previous business experience for more peace of mind.
Open a bakery
With a capital of about 20 million, the bakery business is not a bad idea! If you are skillful and meticulous, this is an interesting form of earning business. However, this market is quite competitive, so you need to focus on the quality and unique highlights for your shop such as many different cakes and cakes to easily attract customers!

Unique accessories business
The unique accessory business trend is a small capital business model that can bring good profits. For example: small jewelry accessories (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, …), fashion accessories (bags, belts, …), technology toy accessories (game consoles, speakers, cases). phone backs, headsets, screen stickers, …).

Wanting to do business in this model, you need to focus on choosing and importing good sources of accessories at affordable prices. It is possible to enter at wholesale markets, or source goods from Guangzhou – China or directly from manufacturing and processing factories. It is important to have a wide range of products and ensure quality as well as competitive prices.
Souvenir business
Currently, the demand for gifts, cute and funny items for each other is very large, so the souvenir business is also a very potential market. Almost everyone has the need to buy gifts and show affection to others, so the search and purchase of souvenirs takes place all year round, this item is even more “hot” when on holidays and anniversaries. …

Souvenir items are very diverse (teddy bears, crockery, handicrafts, earrings, rings, notebooks, pens ……).

Selling mini bonsai
Bonsai is always a commodity that is never short of demand because everyone wants to decorate their house with a little natural green color. But there are precious ornamental plants, old trees costing hundreds of millions of dong, not everyone can afford. Therefore, the market turns to small and beautiful bonsai pots, hanging in the house as decorations.
This is a good opportunity for you to start a business with a modest capital. These mini bonsai pots do not require a lot of watering and care. They are quite cheap, suitable for the majority of users, even students and students can buy them. However, to increase the success rate, you should research market trends, choose the most popular beautiful flowers and plants.

Online counseling
This is a form of business with little capital that is not really popular in the market. Because this model requires the consultant to have in-depth expertise in each specific field, have a degree or have a certain level of influence with the public.

Some examples for this type of business are: nutrition consultant, health care consultant, psychological consultant, shopping consultant or teaching tutor, study abroad consultant, etc.
When there are too many different sources of information densely from books, the Internet, and lack of official sources, many people need expert advice on a particular field or problem. You already have the knowledge, skills, trust, even without spending a single penny, you can also receive a very high income, calculated on an hourly basis.

Rent everything
Add another new business idea when you have your own business space that can be small and items, household appliances, clothes, … to open a camera rental service, rent a studio, rent a rental. means of transportation, party canvas, etc.
Many of you are afraid of inventory or require large capital, find out what to sell without fear of loss, etc. But with the opening of this rental service, you can always take advantage of the items you have available but have no need to use. continuous use. This is a low capital business, does not take much time and still brings a good monthly income.

Doing business with little capital is the choice of many people from young people to office workers or nursing mothers.

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