Top 5 Facts You Should Know Before Making a Compensation Claim

Injured persons can seek compensation from insurers and other accountable parties under the framework provided by Australian law. If you are in a dilemma regarding your personal injury case, the most appropriate option you have is to consult injury compensation lawyers Sydney.

Here are 5 basic facts concerning personal injury compensation that you should be aware of right now while you’re waiting for a consultation.

1. The Expiration Date for Personal Injury Claims

The requirement that you file a claim within a certain amount of time is perhaps the most significant element of compensation claims in Australia. As per the rule you have to file a complaint or claim for your personal injury within a period of 3 years of the incident. For some types of personal injury claims for statutory benefits (such as car accidents or worker’s compensation claims), however, there are some time constraints that are less strict. The period of time you have to file a claim may also be affected by local rules. Usually, the time frame starts when the incident occurs or when you become aware of your damage.

2. Estimating Your Reimbursement

Your medical expenses are not the only thing that personal injury compensation pays you. Along with receiving the money to make up for your lost wages and the cost of household care, you can also receive money to make up for your pain and suffering (both past and present). The extent of your injuries and additional factors affecting your ability to make an income will determine how much compensation you receive (e.g., age, work history, and education).

3. A Large Portion of Personal Injury Benefit Is Tax-Free

Most likely, the money you get for a personal injury won’t be subject to taxes. Since this form of compensation is designed to be repaid to you, Australia does not collect income taxes on it. However, we do recommend working with an accountant to ensure your tax liability and any reporting requirements that may be applicable.

4. Compensation Obtaining Procedures

Depending on the type of accident that led to the injury, the procedure for pursuing a compensation claim could appear different. Many times, having your compensation lawyers Sydney deal with insurers, culpable parties, or other organizations can help you settle the issue. In the event that all other options fail, it may be essential to file a lawsuit and seek restitution through legal action.

5. How a Personal Injury Case Is Handled in Time

Depending on the specifics of each case, it may take a while to settle a claim and obtain payment. Furthermore, the timeline will be affected by the procedure used to settle the claim. In certain circumstances, the resolution could take as little as a few months, but in others (often due to delays in the court system), it could take as long as a year or even more.

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