Top property management system features

Top property management system features

Your search for the best property management system features ends here. With technology moving to the cloud in the last few years, property management software has followed suit. Hence, choosing the best cloud-based property management software is crucial for the smooth functioning of your hotel. . This paradigm shift in technology is one of the reasons why the global market size for property management software is to grow from its current 2020 value of 2.9% at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2021 to 2028.

Check out a few of the fantastic property management system features that could enable you to expand your business exponentially.

The top property management system features

  • A PMS has CRM or customer relationship management capabilities to capture, organize and record data regarding the guest’s lifetime value to get valuable insights to outdo  competitors
  • Provides contextual marketing capabilities by virtue of an email marketing platform, where users can segment their database and send relevant email marketing campaigns to grow the business. 
  • Creates a perfect and holistic hospitality ecosystem by integrating with other PMS partners for expanding the business
  • Enables even the offline OTAs or online travel agents updated on the inventory status for effective tracking of the accesses granted to guests to view the live inventory status 
  • Enhances centralized reservation desk to move away from the traditional and  outdated booking systems to increase  revenue
  • Increases revenue with smart, strong, and streamlined solutions to generate the best possible prices 
  • Have many revenue-generating tools to offer the best rates management strategy to increase profits.
  • Automates rates based  on demand for maximizing profits 
  • Activates the IBE or internet booking engine for enhancing direct bookings for saving commission costs.

These features of the best cloud-based property management software will help you end your search and develop your business to new heights. 

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